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Getting Started Tutorial

As the leader in subscription billing and recurring payments, Zuora is excited to provide you with this guide to getting started with Zuora. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a subscription business in our application, as well as show you how to automate your billing and payments processes. ​ TeamCollaboration represents your own SaaS company that sells a suite of web-based, team collaboration tools such as project management, wikis, and file sharing. TeamCollaboration currently offers a single service and wants to expand its suite of products with flexible pricing options in order to grow its business and increase revenue. These tutorials lead you through a series of brief tutorials designed specifically for your Zuora free trial. ​

TeamCollaboration tutorials are centered around the creation of a subscription business, and each of the tutorials builds on your previous work. For illustrative purposes, we will use a fictitious company called TeamCollaboration to guide you through the tutorials. The entire series of tutorials should take approximately 60-75 minutes to complete.

This tutorial begins with Billing and Payments, where you can create a custom product catalog, manage your customer accounts and subscription life cycle, as well as create invoices to bill for subscription services. Once your customers are billed, Zuora helps you get paid by allowing you to accept any form of payment, automate exception handling, create payment notifications, and have a fully auditable transaction history, all in one complete and fully secure solution.

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