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How do I reconcile payments between Zuora and my payment gateway?

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This topic describes how to verify that your payment submitted within Zuora was processed for the correct amount by your payment gateway and/or bank. This topic also describes reasons for why your payments did not match up correctly.


Having all the necessary objects and data on the Zuora side of a payment, you can match them to your bank's report of the payment.

Payment date

The Payment Date is the date that the payment is submitted in Zuora. This corresponds to the date and time when the payment run was launched. The payment run must have been successful: If a payment run fails, then this date is not valid. 

Settlement date

Once the payment is submitted to the client's Payment Gateway for processing, it needs to clear the member's bank. The date it is cleared from the member's bank is the Settlement Date. It can take a few days for the bank to clear the payment, for a variety of reasons. Because of this, the delay between the Payment Date and the Settlement Date can cause the Payment Date and Settlement Date to be different.

Next steps

Now you can confirm that the payment in the Zuora portal is the same as the date in your Payment Gateway, and reconcile the payment manually. You can reconcile the amount, the status of the payment, and reference IDs.

First, find the payment in Zuora, then compare that to your Payment Gateway. There is a search feature in Zuora that allows you to search for payment by Account Name or Account Number, Payment Number, or Invoice Number.

In Zuora, click Payment Operations in the left-hand column, then click the Payments tab at the top of the screen. The Payments tab includes a Search field that you can use for your query.

search payment1.PNG

Next, click the payment that you want to view. The specific payment details screen in Zuora has all of the infomation that you will need.

Gateway Ref ID1.PNG

Here you can view your direct payment. It has your Payment Run Number, Total Amount, Approval, Specific Credit Card, Customer Account Number, Status, Reference ID, and more. This is the basic information that you want to review and compare with your payment gateway.

Searching for payments

You will need the Gateway Reference ID from Zuora to search for a payment within your Payment Gateway.

Your client should have access to their payment gateway, and must to contact them to reconcile or confirm that the payment was cleared and processed for the correct amount. 

You can find the Gateway Reference ID on an individual payment. The process is similar to finding the payment in Zuora. On the specific payment screen, it is listed on the left side as Reference ID. This is the Gateway Reference ID. You can use this to find the exact payment that was processed within your Payment Gateway.

Additional information

There is additional useful information on the Payment screen. Within the Payment Method, the Last Transaction field shows you whether it was approved.

Click the Gateway Transaction State to check the current status of the payment. This retrieves the status quickly, so you can verify whether it was cleared and the payment was successful. If it cleared, then you know that the payment was processed successfully and you can be confident that you can reconcile the amount as correct in both portals (in Zuora and the gateway).

This is key to reconciling your payment from one side to the other. You will need the gateway info from Zuora before you can contact your payment gateway to confirm the payment.

What if payments are not the same in my gateway and Zuora?

If you are reconciling a payment amount and it is not the same amount in the gateway and in Zuora, there are a few ways to troubleshoot the problem. First, check whether it is a settling issue, where the payment is recorded in Zuora successfully but has not yet been settled in the gateway. This can be why the payment is not showing as processed in the gateway. 

The next possible problem could be that the credit card used to process the payment is invalid. It could be invalid if it has expired or if there are insufficient funds in the account to process the payment. In that case, the owner of the bank account must be contacted after the failure and informed of the specific reason. 

If neither of these are the solution to the problem, then there could a technical problem with your payment gateway. Contact the gateway’s support for help with the issue.


Reconciling Payments with Merchant Accounts
Payment reconciliation is the process of checking your bank statements against your accounting and Zuora records to ensure the payment amounts match. You can sort successful payments by day and credit card type, which makes it easier to reconcile your payment gateway. Zuora recommends that you find the report name for payments in each gateway and refer to that name. Focus reconciliation on credit card type per day. Also see How do I reconcile payments between Zuora and my payment gateway? for additional information.
Supported Payment Methods
This topic describes the payment methods supported by the payment gateways. Empty fields in the tables indicate that the payment method is not supported by that payment gateway.
Payment Gateways
A payment gateway is an online service provider that connects an electronic shopping cart or virtual terminal/POS to an electronic payment processor. It is your gateway to the rest of the payments infrastructure that allows you to accept electronic forms of payment. The main function of a gateway is to pass authorization, payments, and settlement data securely to and from the merchant's website to the merchant's processor. The merchant processor in turn connects to the card association (or "network"), which connects to the card issuing bank. The articles in this section explain more about the participants in the payments ecosystem, and put gateways in the right context.
Supported Payment Gateways
Zuora currently supports the following payment gateway and processor integrations: Authorize.net Chase Paymentech Orbital (Salem Platform) CyberSource GlobalCollect Litle IP Payments (Limited Availability) Merchant e-Solutions  Moneris (eSelectPLUS Canada) PayPal Adaptive Payments PayPal Payflow Pro​, PayPal Website Payments Pro​, PayPal Website Payment Pro Payflow Edition Qvalent QuickGateway Stripe (Limited Availability) Verifi Global Payment Gateway WorldPay (Limited Availability)
Managing Payment Gateways
After you are done selecting a payment gateway, you will need to do a certain amount of configuring in order to set up your gateway and get going with accepting payments. This section of the documentation will guide you through configuring common Zuora-supported payment gateways, then going live with these gateways, and even disabling if things go wrong. Finally, we will show you when you might need to use multiple payment gateways, and how to make it work.
Required Configuration Fields By Gateway
You can set up Z-Payments to use one preferred payment gateway. Because each gateway has different requirements, the setup screen for each of these payment gateways varies. Contact your payment gateway to obtain the information required to configure the gateway in Zuora.
Verifying Credit Card Gateway Options
Z-Payments provides options to verify new and updated credit cards. These settings are applied at the gateway level, and can be different for different gateways, but they apply to all cards that are authorized through that gateway.


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