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Last modified 17:07, 26 Aug 2014
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The official resource for product and technical documentation on the Zuora subscription billing platform.

Welcome to Zuora!

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Getting Started Tutorial

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August 2014​ | What's New?

Zuora R1879 Production Release is  available. See August R179 Release Notes for details. The highlights are:

BILL: Two New Filters for Custom Invoice Templates ​| New Rate Plan Charge Custom Fields for Update Product Amendments ​| New ChargeID Field for InvoiceItem object
COLLECT: Edits allowed on customer account ACH and Credit Card payment methods​  New offset field for GlobalCollect configuration ​  New callout notification for payment method status ​  With SEPA adoption, certain banks transfers are no longer supported
NURTURE: New 360 Sync org credentials validation
ACCOUNT: Accounting codes must exist before sending Zuora API calls that reference them

Which of the Zuora 9-Keys did we focus on in the August R179 release?*

August Features by Zuora 9-Keys

and how are we stacking up over time?

Year-to-date Features by Zuora 9-Keys


See the  Zuora for Salesforce Q1 2014 Release Notes and the Zuora 360 Q1 2014 Release Notes for details.

Here are highlights from this release:

Enhanced Amendment Quotes: With these new features and enhancements, managing Amendment Quotes is more intuitive and closely aligned with the Zuora application.
Better integration and Other Enhancements: A number of commonly requested features and enhancements were implemented to streamline the quoting process and better integrate Zuora Quotes with Zuora.
Components and Plug-ins: Enhanced use and management of components and plug-ins offers you faster and dynamic customizations process.


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