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Last modified 08:26, 11 Apr 2014
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The official resource for product and technical documentation on the Zuora subscription billing platform.

Welcome to Zuora!

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Getting Started Tutorial

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April 2014​ | What's New?

R175 is Released. See April R175 Release Notes.

April features by Zuora Keys:

ACQUIRE: Auto-select credit card type on HPM page | Client-side credit card validations on HPM page
BILL: New usage and invoice item merge fields for custom Invoice template |  New permission for creating billing runs
COLLECT: New permission for managing payment runs  
ACCOUNT: New Z-Finance setting allows usage records in closed accounting periods
SCALE: Faster, advanced options for searching customer accounts

Zuora Keys – Feature Focus

Which of the Zuora 9-Keys did we focus on in the R175 release?*

April 2014 Featured 9-keys Bar Chart

and how are we stacking up over time?

YTD Featured 9-keys Bar Chart


Q1 '14 is Released! See the  Zuora for Salesforce Q1 2014 Release Notes and the Zuora 360 Q1 2014 Release Notes for details.

Here are highlights from this release:

Enhanced Amendment Quotes: With these new features and enhancements, managing Amendment Quotes is more intuitive and closely aligned with the Zuora application.
Better integration and Other Enhancements: A number of commonly requested features and enhancements were implemented to streamline the quoting process and better integrate Zuora Quotes with Zuora.
Components and Plug-ins: Enhanced use and management of components and plug-ins offers you faster and dynamic customizations process.

KC Top 5 | Most Viewed

Which topics were most viewed in the Knowledge Center?*

March February
  1. REST API Reference: Subscriptions
  2. REST API Reference: Accounts
  3. Payment Gateways: PayPal Payflow Pro, Website Payments Payflow Edition, Website Pro Payment Gateway
  4. Invoices: Creating Mail Merge Fields
  5. (Tied) SOAP API Basics: Getting started with Zuora SOAP API and Payment Gateways: Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway (Salem Platform)
  1. SOAP API Reference
  2. PayPal Payflow Pro, Website Payments Payflow Edition, Website Pro Payment Gateway
  3. Creating Mail Merge Fields
  4. Getting Started
  5. Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway (Salem Platform)

*Home Page and Release Notes are always most popular, but are factored out of KC Top 5!

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