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Last modified 00:10, 18 Oct 2014
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The official resource for product and technical documentation on the Zuora subscription billing platform.

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October 2014​ What's New?

See Zuora October Release Notes. Highlights are:

ACQUIRE: Payment Pages fast, easy implementation ​| Change History displays users who updated the subscription  | Improved performance on Mass Order Entry
BILL: Customization supported on Subscription Product Feature in subscriptions and amendments
COLLECT: Moneris payment gateway supports the Discover Card 
ACCOUNT: Accounting Codes must be active to process them in Zuora APIs
SCALE: Downloading Zuora WSDL supports custom fields ​| Export tenant-specific user data to a CSV file

See the  Zuora Quotes Q3 2014 Release Notes and the Zuora 360 Q3 2014 Release Notes for details.

Here are highlights from this release:

Guided Selling: The Guided Selling features enable you to implement customized product recommendation rules and provide easy and effective quoting experience with advanced navigation and filtering of your product catalog. 
Entitlements: A new entity, feature, was added to Zuora Product Catalog. You can define features, add features to products, and add products and additional features to quotes. 


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