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Zuora Quotes Q4 2016 Release Notes

This release notes provides a summary of new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora Quotes Q4 2016 Release (Version 8.0).

To use this version of Zuora Quotes, you must upgrade your package as described in Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q4 2016.

New Features and Enhancements

The 8.0 release includes the following enhancements.

Bundling in General Availability

The Bundling feature is now generally available.

Before you turn on bundling, review the following points to confirm that you want to proceed:

  • You must master your product catalog in Salesforce.
  • Bundling is not fully supported in Zuora Billing, as such the bundle relationships are not currently available in Zuora once a Quote is submitted.

To enable the Bundling, submit a request at Zuora Global Support and refer to Enable Bundling in Zuora Quotes for the sequence of steps required.

The key features in Bundling are:

  • Advanced product packaging with the bundle support in Zuora Quotes
  • Product catalog sync from Salesforce to Zuora

Advanced Product Packaging with Bundle Support 

Zuora Quotes product catalog supports bundles for quoting. In the product catalog, you can configure bundling and base/add-on product relationships for the enhanced quoting process.

See Configure Products and Bundles in Salesforce for managing products in Salesforce.

Product Catalog Sync from Zuora Quotes

When you manage products in Salesforce product catalog, you sync your products, rate plans, charges, tiers, and features to Zuora for billing, invoicing, payments, and revenue recognition.

See Sync Salesforce Products to Zuora for syncing products from Zuora Quotes to Zuora.

Enabling the Bundling Controls Product Catalog Sync Between Zuora and Salesforce 

The Enable Bundling tenant setting in Zuora controls the direction of the Product Catalog Sync operations as follows:

  • If the setting is enabled, you can sync your Product Catalog only from Salesforce to Zuora.
    You are not allowed to sync Product Catalog from Zuora to Salesforce. 
  • If the setting is disabled, you can sync your Product Catalog only from Zuora to Salesforce.
    You are not allowed to sync Product Catalog from Salesforce to Zuora.

Zuora Rules Engine in General Availability

Zuora Rules Engine is now generally available in Zuora Quotes. The rules engine provides you a controlled product selection and accurate quoting experience. You can manage and offer your users dynamic pricing, automatic addition and removal of rate plans, and error checking.

Zuora Rules Engine is supported only with the Enhanced Product Selector. 

See Zuora Rules Engine for turning on the Rules Engine, and creating and using rules in Zuora Quotes.

Custom Action Support in Zuora Rules Engine

Starting in this version, you can implement custom action plugins and apply the custom actions in rules. Example use cases can be for updating quote header field for approval status or updating tiers.

See Custom Action Plugin for the plugin attributes, methods, and a code sample.

Salesforce Lightning Certified UI

Zuora Quotes is certified as Salesforce Lightning Ready. The new page layouts and buttons were added for Zuora Quotes to be compatible with Salesforce Lightning Experience. By default, Zuora Quotes will use the new page layouts and UI components for Guided Selling and single page Product Selector. 

The enhanced UI also includes:

  • New universal footer with the back and next buttons
  • Unified Quote Detail page with the metrics preview on pricing changes

See Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q4 2016 if you are upgrading from a customized Zuora Quotes.

Refer to Salesforce documentation about enabling Lightning Experience in your org.

FooterBar Component

The new FooterBar component is a docked footer bar that can be embedded on a VisualForce page. The component allows you to customize the navigation buttons displayed on the page, including button style and button click events. 

See FooterBar Component for details and a code sample for the component.

Enhanced Navigation in Guided Selling

New attributes and new buttons were added to the ProductBundleGuidedSelling and SelectProduct components for improved navigation in Guided Selling.

See ProductBundleGuidedSelling Component and SelectProduct Component for the improved option classes of the components.

Quote Charge Deprecated

Starting in the version 6.5, the Quote Charge object is no longer used in Zuora Quotes. As of this release, we no longer support backward compatibility of Quote Charge customizations.

Review any customization you had made on the Quote Charge object before you upgrade to this release.

Resolved Issues

The 8.0 release includes the following resolved issues and other internal fixes.

Error from Product Catalog Sync After Upgrading to Quotes 7.4

In the Multi-entity orgs, you might have received an error during Product Catalog sync if your entity names contain special characters or more than 38 characters.

The issue has been fixed.

Display All Volume Pricing Tiers in Salesforce Product Catalog

When you view your product catalog in Salesforce, now all the volume tiers are loaded and displayed in Zuora products that have the volume pricing charge model.

Maintenance Release 8.2

The 8.2 release includes the following enhancements and resolved issues.

Support for Billing Timing Option in the Product Catalog Sync from Salesforce to Zuora

The value you set in the Billing Timing field on Product Rate Plan Charge in Salesforce is now synchronized to the corresponding field in Zuora to support billing the charge in advance or arrears for subscriptions.

Once a product rate plan charge is added to a subscription, you can no longer update the billing timing of the product rate plan charge. The following error message is returned: "This charge cannot be updated because Charge Model cannot be changed". 

See Billing Timing for how the setting affects your subscriptions in Zuora.

New Global Method to Sync Products from Salesforce to Zuora

The new ProductSyncUtil global method was implemented for programmatically triggering product catalog syncs from Salesforce to Zuora. Major enhancements that the ProductSyncUtil global method provides are:

  • Multi-entity support in product catalog syncs
  • Bulk products syncs 

Multi-Entity Support in Product Catalog Sync

Product catalog sync now supports multi-entity through the ProductSyncUtil global method. On sync, products are grouped by entity, and one Sync History job is processed for each entity. Current status can be viewed from the History section in the Product Catalog Sync tab.

Bulk Product Catalog Sync from Salesforce to Zuora

Previously, you could select only 100 products at a time to sync in the Product Catalog Sync tab.

Now using the new ProductSyncUtil global method, you can programmatically trigger sync in bulk from Salesforce to Zuora.

Refer to ProductSyncUtil for detail information of the global method and a code sample.

Whitelist Field Set for Custom Fields

Previously, all the user-defined custom fields were tracked and managed by Zuora Quotes, and that could potentially cause you to run into the Salesforce limit on query length when you have a large number of custom fields,

Starting in this release, Zuora Quotes global methods only track:

  • The standard fields
  • The custom fields included in the field sets of the managed package. 

You specify the whitelist field set name in Quote Configuration Settings.

If there are any customizations that use global methods to refer to Zuora Quotes custom fields, review the customization to determine whether code changes are required before upgrading to this version.

Maintenance Release 8.3

The 8.3 release includes the following enhancements and resolved issues.

Your Salesforce org must be on the Spring '17 release to successfully install the Version 8.3 of Zuora Quotes.

Support for Automated Price Change on Renewal Quotes

In the Zuora Product Catalog, charges can be set up for an automatic price change upon renewal. Now the price change setting is displayed in Zuora Quotes, and your quoting users can override the setting when creating quotes for a new subscription, a new product amendment, or a renewal. 

The Effective Price of the Quote Rate Plan Charge will be updated with the automatic price change.

The Discount-Fixed Amount charge model is not supported for use with this feature.

The Quote Configuration Setting, Get Tiers from Zuora, must be selected for automatic price changes on renewal.

See Automated Price Change (Uplift) for Renewed Subscriptions for more information about this feature. 

Clone Rate Plans in Product Selector

A new menu button was added to allow you to copy rate plans in Enhanced Product Selector and to make the quoting flow easier for your users.

Newly added products in the current quoting flow can be cloned. 

Support Lookups in Enhanced Product Selector

For an improved quoting experience, you can provide the charge level lookups in Enhanced Product Selector. The new feature is available when creating quotes for new subscriptions or quotes for the add/update product amendments.

See  Display Lookup Fields in Enhanced Product Selector for the steps to add a lookup field  and have them available in Enhanced Product Selector.

Maintenance Release 8.4

The 8.4 release includes the following enhancements and resolved issues.

Custom Fields on Quote Rate Plan and Quote Amendment

Now you can configure Zuora Quotes to allow your quoting users to view and update custom field values at the Quote Rate Plan and Quote Amendment levels.

See Display Custom Fields on Page Layout for displaying custom fields in the Enhanced Product Selector.

Support for Billing in Arrears

Continuing on the Billing Timing option support in Product Catalog Sync in the previous release, this release includes the full support to set the Billing Timing option at the Quote Rate Plan Charge level and override the value when creating quotes for New Subscriptions and Add Product Amendments.

See Display Billing Option Fields in Product Selector for displaying the Billing Timing field in the Product Selector to allow your quote users to view and update the field value.

Direct Lookup to Product Rate Plan Charge in Quote Charge Summary for All Quote Types

The Quote Charge Summary object now populates a direct lookup to the Product Rate Plan Charge object for all types of quotes. This provides you a new ability to report on the Product Rate Plan Charge fields using Quote Charge Summary on the Remove Product amendments, which do not have a look up to Quote Rate Plan Charge.

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