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Request access to Zuora Analytics


Request access to Zuora Analytics

Zuora Analytics is in the Early Adopter program and is not automatically enabled in your Zuora tenant. To request access to Zuora Analytics, complete the Early Adopter License Agreement. Make sure to select “Zuora Analytics” in the early adopter feature list. 

Once you submit your request, we will review your application and get in touch within 3-5 business days.

What is the Analytics Early Adopter Program?

The Analytics Early Adopter program will be available for customers in the second half of April 2020. Any customers can request access to the Early Adopter program and as slots become available, Zuora Product Management will reach out to the customer to kick-off early adopter engagement.

What is expected of an early adopter customer?

Early Adopter engagement will consist of three parts.

  1. Kickoff Call: The customer will be invited by Zuora Product Management to a 60-minute kick-off call. Just prior to the call, the customer’s Zuora tenant will be enabled with Analytics. During the call, Zuora Product Management will orient the customer’s team to all aspects of the new functionality and answer any questions.
  2. Product Evaluation: The customer will be given one to two weeks to formally evaluate the Analytics product. During this time, one or more customer team members should spend at least an hour inside the product using it. During the evaluation, users should evaluate Analytics against the following questions:
    • What are your overall impressions and feedback?
    • What do you find most valuable or beneficial?
    • What product improvements would you recommend?
    • Will you or your team use and adopt Analytics going forward? If so, what are the key activities or jobs you will use it for? If not, what updates does Zuora need to make in order for you or your team to use and adopt the product for what particular job or key activity?
  3. Feedback Call: The customer will participate in a 60-minute feedback call with Zuora Product Management and will share their evaluation of the product.