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View the Dashboard


View the Dashboard

You can view and interactively analyze data that is shown in various cards in the Dashboard.

To view the dashboard, navigate to Analytics > Dashboard in your Zuora tenant.
The dashboard opens and displays key subscription metrics as cards.

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Dashboard in Zuora.
  2. View the metrics shown in different cards. Hover over a chart to display a summary of data for any period, including the metric value and period-over-period rate of change.

  3. To view detailed data in a card, click on the card. 
    The card details page displays.

  4. For a time series card, to change the attribute that data is grouped by, click Group By and click on the attribute text field. Then you can select any attribute that is available in the card.

  5. For a table card, to configure the fields that are used to sort the data, click Fields. Then you can select and deselect fields. When you deselect fields, Analytics will automatically aggregate data.

  6. If you want to export the data in the card for additional analysis, click Export on the top-right of the page.