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This section provides a brief description of the commerce features in Zuora and includes tutorial exercises to introduce you to the features.

In Zuora, you can manage the interface with your e-commerce systems, such as your commerce website or Salesforce. You can:

  • Synchronize the product catalog with these systems.
  • Take orders from your customers and submit the quotes to create subscriptions in Zuora.
  • Create payment pages to implement a quick subscription commerce solution.

Hosted Commerce Pages

Use Zuora commerce pages to configure credit card validations, required fields, and the checkout flow. Commerce pages are easily embedded as iFrames in your pages and can be customized with your company's visual style and a variety of functional options. Zuora hosted commerce pages are secure and PCI-compliant.

In Payment Pages, your customers can set up a payment method, for example, provide a credit card. Because Payment Pages handle only the payment method, they can be used in a simple workflow or in a complex multi-page, multi-product workflow.

Zuora CPQ

Zuora CPQ is Zuora's native application that integrates your Salesforce CRM implementation with Zuora. Zuora CPQ is designed to help your front-line employees use their Salesforce CRM accounts to create new subscription quotes and orders, make subscription adjustments, and keep your customers renewing. And it's all seamlessly integrated with Zuora's powerful Billing and Payments back-office applications.

Zuora CPQ is organized into two modules - one at the front end of the deal for creating quotes and subscriptions, and another at the back end for tracking activity on active contracts:

  • Zuora Quotes: Allows your salespeople to easily build customer-ready quotes for subscriptions based on your Zuora product catalog. Quotes for new orders, renewals, and changes can be created directly in the Salesforce Opportunity object and sent to the customer for approval. When the customer agrees, just click a button to send the quote to Zuora as a new or amended subscription.
  • Zuora 360: Synchronizes your customer subscription, billing, and payments data back to Salesforce for a 360-degree view of your customer relationship and subscription business. With Zuora 360, your extended team, e.g. customer service or collections staff, can view this information in Salesforce applications without having to log into Zuora.

Zuora for Salesforce includes a suite of programming resources for customization, enhancement, and third-party development, including an Apex libraries and Salesforce components. See Zuora CPQ Development Resources for information about the Zuora CPQ development resources.

What's Next?

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