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TeamCollaboration Tutorial: Configure a Hosted Checkout Page

This portion of the TeamCollaboration tutorials walks you through the process of configuring and previewing a Zuora Checkout Subscribe page in Zuora.


TeamCollaboration wants to take new customer subscriptions over the web. You will configure and preview a Zuora Checkout page, using a product and a rate plan you set up in the earlier tutorial.

Exercise 1: Configure and Preview a Hosted Checkout Page

Objective: To configure a hosted checkout page.

  1. Click your username at the top right and navigate to SettingsCommerce.
  2. Click Manage Checkout Pages.
  3. Click new checkout page.
  4. In the Customer Subscription Configuration section, complete the following:
    • Name: TeamCollab Basic
    • Currency: USD
    • Product: TeamCollab Basic
    • Rate Plan: Basic Annual
    • Term Setting: Evergreen
    • Bill Cycle Day: 1st of the month
    • Payment Gateway: Test Gateway
    • Payment Processing: Select
  5. In the Checkout Page Display section, complete the following:
    • Page Title: Team Collaboration Basic Annual Plan
    • Captcha Security Validation: Clear this field.
    • Return URL:
  6. Click save.
  7. Click preview to see how the Checkout page would render in your website.
    Z-Checkout Preview.png

You have configured a page for TeamCollaboration to start adding subscribers to its annual plan over the web. 

Reference our Zuora Checkout documentation to learn how to embed your Checkout page onto your website and to further customize the page.

What's Next?

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