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How do I stop customer emails from getting sent to spam or junk filters?


How do I stop customer emails from getting sent to spam or junk filters?

Zuora allows you to email invoices and send a variety of customer notifications from within the Zuora application to your end customers. Some emails do not reach their intended recipients potentially due to spam and junk filters, which can greatly impact your company's ability to collect payment. Customers who do not receive their invoices may not pay their invoices on time, and customers who do not receive notifications regarding their expiring credit cannot provide updated card information.


To ensure your emails are reaching the intended recipients, use one of the following approaches. 

Note: We recommend that you use the SMTP server solution. If you use the default Zuora email server even with the SPF record configuration, there are cases where spam and junk filters cannot be bypassed.

Configure your SMTP server (Recommended)

We recommend that you set up an SMTP server, either of your own or from a third-party vendor such as SendGrid, to send notification emails.

To configure the SMTP server, see Configure an SMTP server for email notifications for more information. If you use a third-party SMTP server, you can reach out to the vendor to get the setting details. SendGrid's integration documentation is provided as an example.

Configure your SPF record

Publish your SPF record in DNS records of type TXT under your domain name ( The terminology used herein is from a DNS context.

The SPF example to authorize Zuora's email server host:

v=spf1 mx -all

In this example, the only hosts authorized to send emails claiming to be from your domain are Zuora's outbound email servers and the ones listed in your MX records.