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Create and Edit Notifications

When you assign the profile to an account, the notifications that you activate sends an email to your customer when the event occurs. For example, a notification is sent when a payment is processed successfully or when a new subscription is created and activated.

Create a Notification

To create a notification:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Z-Billing Settings or Z-Payments Settings or Z-Finance Settings, and then click Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates. The Setup Notifications and Email Templates page appears.
  2. Click add new notification.
  3. Select an Event Category from the list that is specific to the Z-Billing, Z-Payments, or Z-Finance notification you are creating.
  4. Enter an Event Name and optionally, enter a Description.
  5. Select Active to activate the notification. You can also activate the notification at a later time. For example, you can activate the notification when you are ready to use it.
  6. Select the Event Parameters. The parameters that you can select are be based on the event category that you selected.
  7. Specify the Notification Option to use. You can select Email, Callout, or both. If you select Callout, enter the following information:
    • Base URL: The webpage or URL for which you would like to send the callout data. This is the path to the receiver service of the callout.
    • Add Parameter: Click add parameter to include additional information in the callout. The list provides possible objects and field names that you can pass in as parameters.
    • HTTP Method: Select the method in which you want to send the callout data: POST, PUT, GET, or DELETE
    • Retry: This is disabled by default. Enable this if you want the callout attempt to be retried based on the Callout Options set up for your customer notifications.
  8. Click add new notification to save the notification.

There can only be one notification per event category with similar event parameters.

Edit a Notification

To edit an existing notification or enable the notification, navigate to the far right column of the Define Notifications section. In the Action  column, click the edit link to view and edit the properties of the notification.

Note that Zuora might prompt you to enter an email address to use as the return address for notifications, if you have not already entered this information this for your tenant.  

Field Description
Event Category The event type that the notification is based on (for example, Amendment Processed).
Event Name Edit the name of the notification. 
Description Optionally, add a description. For example, "A subscription cancellation amendment has been submitted and processed."
Active Check this box to enable the notification.
Event Parameters Edit any of the event parameters. These are specific to the type of event (Event Category). For example, Amendment Type can be a parameter with the options of "Renewal, Cancellation, New Product, Update a Product, Remove a Product, Terms and Conditions."
Notification Option

Select EmailCallout, or both.

If you select Email, select the notification email template to use. You can also create a new notification email template, then select that template for use.

If available, when you select Callout you can also specify the Base URL and Callout Protocol, enable Retry (optional), and add Parameters to the URL.


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