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Premium and Premium Elite Support Terms


Premium and Premium Elite Support Terms

The Premium and Premium Elite Support Services ("Premium Support") described below are in addition to the support services provided under, and subject to, Customer’s master subscription agreement. Unless stated otherwise below, all Premium Support will be provided remotely. Zuora will provide Customer with Premium or Premium Elite Support Services, as specified on the applicable Order Form.

1  Premium Support Services Overview

Support Offering Premium Premium Elite
Named Account Support Engineer File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png
Technical Support Review Annual Quarterly
Technical Account Manager   File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png
System Health Reports   File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png
Billing Event Support / Revenue EOQ   File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png

2  Premium Support Services Description

2.1  Named Account Support Engineer

Zuora will assign one (or more, depending on the Zuora Services purchased under the Agreement) Named Account Support Engineer ("NASE") to act as Customer's designated technical support liaison during their Premium Support term. The NASE will be notified of all Customer's reported support issues and will track and monitor the work in progress through the support life cycle, engaging with Zuora support specialists as needed. Customer's NASE serves as Customer's primary point of contact for any inquiries related to Customer's technical support issues. The NASE will provide reasonable assistance in putting action plans in place and facilitating effective communications. The NASE will work during business hours as mutually agreed with Customer. The NASE will proactively monitor the release of new Zuora Service patches and work with Customer to identify potential issues with Customer's Zuora environment, review these with Customer and help put an appropriate action plan in place.

Initial Kick-off meeting: For those Customers purchasing Premium Support for the first time, NASE will host at a mutually agreeable time an initial kick-off meeting to define the delivery of Premium Support. During the kick-off meeting, the NASE may meet key personnel within Customer's organization and collect specific account information that will be used to create a written account support plan that defines the support process and the personnel involved in support and escalation procedures. Customer will receive detailed information about Premium Support deliverables, including the communication protocol with the NASE.

Remote Reviews: Customer's NASE in coordination with the Zuora Customer Success Manager provides regular remote reviews to proactively monitor Zuora Service needs at least monthly, and no more than once a week.

2.2  Technical Support Review

As part of Premium Support Services, Zuora will provide Customer with technical support review sessions with the NASE annually (or quarterly for Premium Elite). The technical support review sessions include a detailed review of all Customer's proactive and reactive support related activities related to Premium Support. Support case data is analyzed to help identify trends and identify action plans to reduce risk and recurrence of support incidents. Customer and Zuora will use good faith efforts to schedule the technical support review sessions at mutually agreeable times.

2.3  Technical Account Manager

Zuora will assign one solutions architect, or Technical Account Manager ("TAM"), to provide Customer with technical advisory management support services, for up to five (5) hours per week (up to twenty (20) hours per month). The TAM will serve as the continuous Zuora technical advisory presence for Customer and will recommend Zuora best practices as applicable to Customer's deployment of the Zuora Services, including:

  • Providing Customer with relevant Zuora Service adoption recommendations and Customer enablement including Zuora Service feature education and release reviews;
  • Work with Customer resources to provide guidance on (a) architectural guidance; and (b) best practices for the Zuora Service configuration, integration points, data migration and other topics as agreed upon by the parties;
  • Assist in facilitating conversations with Zuora's R&D organization; and
  • Review and provide feedback on Customer-created design documents.

Up to two (2) times during the Premium Support service term, Customer may request that the TAM be onsite for up to one (1) full day each in order to provide focused break-out sessions and a checkpoint on progress ("Onsite Checkpoint Meeting"). All Onsite Checkpoint Meetings must be agreed upon by the parties and scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Additional Onsite Checkpoint Meetings can be purchased separately.

Customer Obligations: Zuora's provision of a TAM is conditioned on Customer: (1) providing Zuora with all information reasonably requested by Zuora from time to time relating to Customer's use of Zuora Services, including information on Customer's hardware, network, systems, and any related third-party materials used in connection with the Zuora Service; (2) cooperating with the TAM to structure regular and Onsite Checkpoint Meetings at mutually agreeable times; and (3) coordinating TAM activities with the broader Customer team. Customer will reimburse Zuora for all reasonable and pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Zuora in connection with performing any on-site Services.

Assumptions and Exclusions: With the exception of Onsite Checkpoint Meetings described above, all TAM services will be provided remotely via scheduled conference call meetings and email Q&A. The TAM's office hours availability will be five (5) hours per week, including reasonable preparation and follow-up time. This availability excludes the Onsite Checkpoint Meetings or any additional hours purchased separately. Unused hours of the TAM's services will not be credited to subsequent months and are non-refundable.

2.4  System Health Reports

The NASE will provide a high-level system health report upon request once per calendar quarter. The report will include TAM recommendations.

2.5  Zuora Billing Key Event Support / Zuora Revenue EOQ

Zuora support specialists will work with Customer to identify certain key events with potentially greater than normal support needs (a "Key Event"), such as the "Go-Live" of the Zuora Service, or marketing events that may result in a spike in activity in Customer's Zuora tenant. Zuora will use commercially reasonable efforts to mitigate potential disruptions in Zuora Services during Key Events by assisting Customer in planning the Key Event and taking proactive, precautionary support measures such as configuring Zuora Services as appropriate. Key Event support is limited to one (1) Key Event per calendar quarter for up to ten (10) hours per Key Event. If no Key Events are identified in any particular calendar quarter, Customer may request that Zuora alternatively use these support hours to provide Customer with general support services in that applicable quarter. Unused hours in a given quarter will not be credited to subsequent quarters and are non-refundable. Zuora makes no guarantees that any disruption will be avoided during Key Events.

3  General

Zuora is not responsible or liable for delay or failure of performance caused by delay or failure of Customer to perform any of its obligations under the master subscription agreement or these terms. Zuora will retain all right, title, and interest in and to any materials provided to Customer in connection with Premium Support, including all intellectual property rights. Except where expressly stated, Premium Support is advisory in nature and expressly excludes configuration, implementation, software development, customization development, code-level API support, data migration or similar services of a professional services nature. Resolution of and responding to general support issues are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Support and Service Level Agreement:

Except as otherwise stated, any unused hours or onsite meetings will not be credited towards future months, quarters or service terms and are non-refundable.