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Zuora University: Consultants + IT


Zuora University: Consultants + IT

Zuora University: Consultants + IT is an intensive certification program for anyone who works on the implementation of Zuora products: employees of a Zuora partner company, independent consultants who work with Zuora customers, and IT personnel working on their own company’s implementation of Zuora products. These certifications are available only to those who become subscribers of this program.

The program’s curriculum includes the following resources to prepare implementers for work on Zuora projects:

  • Required coursework, sequenced into learning paths and available for you to complete online at your own pace
  • Access to a personal Zuora sandbox, fully configured with the latest features so you can work your way through assigned practice exercises
  • Comprehensive certification exams, built to test the knowledge you’ve gained and ensure your expertise as an implementer
  • Refresher exams and new coursework, released semi-annually to keep your skills up-to-date as Zuora products evolve and gain new features

What you’ll learn

Zuora University: Consultants + IT features three levels of certification for students to master. You can acquire new knowledge, hone your skills, and prove your expertise by working your way through all three levels:

The Foundation level is the starting line for all consultants. You’ll complete assigned self-paced coursework and practice hands-on skills in your personal Zuora sandbox before taking the Foundation exam. Once you pass, you’re certified!

The Advanced level is the next step for those who have already mastered the Foundation level. At this level, you’ll complete more detailed coursework and log 1,000 hours on actual Zuora implementation projects before attempting the Advanced exam.

The Expert level is the final step in solidifying your knowledge. At this point, the highest tier of consultant expertise, you’ll dig into complex use cases in the third round of online coursework, and finally earn the shiniest badge of all once you pass the Expert exam.

To learn more about our premier consultant training and certification program, verify a certification you’ve already earned, or view our Certification Guide, please visit Zuora University: Consultants + IT.