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Zuora University: End Users + Administrators


Zuora University: End Users + Administrators

Training for end users and administrators of Zuora products is available through a subscription to Zuora University: End Users + Administrators, intended to provide Zuora customers with everything they need to know to succeed in the Subscription Economy. We offer courses that touch upon every topic related to Zuora Billing, Zuora Revenue, and subscriptions in general; students may complete individual courses of their choosing, or follow curated learning paths to master a particular concept. We enable our students to identify their favorite method of learning by working through self-paced interactive courses, watching lecture-style videos, or attending scheduled Remote Classrooms for real-time access to a Zuora Trainer.

This training program’s online Course Library features over 140 unique courses and is constantly growing. To browse our current offerings, visit this read-only version of the Course Library.

Subscribers to this training program also gain access to two certification options:

  • A certified Zuora Administrator is the primary manager of their company’s configuration of the Zuora Billing platform. This person needs knowledge about best practices in subscription billing, as well as the practical skills to maintain general settings in Zuora Billing.
  • A certified Zuora Product Catalog Manager makes decisions about their company’s product catalog in the Zuora Billing platform. This person needs knowledge about pricing strategies in order to make these choices, as well as the practical skills required to maintain the Zuora Billing product catalog.

Both of these certification exams, as well as the recommended prerequisite coursework, are available only to subscribers of Zuora University: End Users + Administrators.

Zuora University is for everyone

Zuora University is a one-stop training solution to help you master everything Zuora has to offer. With our comprehensive course library, new hires can onboard more quickly and old pros can stay current with new and improved features. Zuora University is always expanding to keep up with the entire Zuora product line, from A to Z. However you use Zuora products, we’ve got it covered:


Learn your way

Everyone has a unique learning style. Zuora University allows you to learn on your terms, when and how you prefer.

  • Self-paced courses offer interactive content to guide you through use-case scenarios, let you practice related tasks, and allow you to learn on your own time.
  • Videos are shortened courses that feature lecture-style content for those who prefer to learn by being shown.
  • Remote classrooms are live online sessions taught by a Zuora trainer, offering you the chance to ask questions and get answers.

What's included?

  • 140+ unique courses
  • 100+ hours of learning
  • 20+ Remote Classroom sessions per month
  • 3+ new courses each month

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