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Orders Generation for Subscriptions and Amendments

This feature is only available if you have the Order Metrics feature enabled. If you wish to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support. We will investigate your use cases and data before enabling this feature for you. If you have the Orders feature enabled, you already have the Order Metrics feature enabled.

Zuora automatically generates orders when you create subscriptions and amendments using the Zuora UI, SOAP API, and REST API. An order represents a contractual agreement between a merchant and a customer. You can get additional metrics for orders that are helpful for reporting and revenue recognition.

For more information about metrics for orders, see Key Metrics for Orders.

An order is auto-generated when you do any of the following operations.

  • Create active subscriptions (UI, REST API, and SOAP API)
  • Update subscriptions from the Draft or Pending status to the Active status (UI and SOAP API)
  • Create subscription amendments that are in the Complete status (UI, REST API, and SOAP API)
  • Update subscription amendments from the Draft or Pending status to the Complete status (UI and SOAP API)

Note that if you do the above operations with the unsupported conditions below, the orders will not be generated.

Orders data is not generated for draft, pending, or deleted Subscriptions and Amendments.

Also note that as part of the Order Metrics migration, a new Amendment Type of "Composite" will appear in the Subscription to represent the Subscription creation.

Unsupported Conditions

If you have the Order Metrics feature enabled, the following operations are not supported:

  • You cannot suspend and resume subscriptions.

  • For the Terms and Conditions amendments, you cannot renew and then change the term end date of the previous term after performing the renewal. Extending the subscription term end date and then renewing afterwards is supported, however.

  • Discounts are not supported at the account level. You cannot change the discounts that are at rate plan level or subscription level to account level. Discount metrics are calculated for discounts at the subscription level and rate plan level.
  • The new discount feature where discount can have discount class and apply to individual charges is not yet supported.
  • You can still create pending Subscriptions by not providing all trigger dates with this feature turned on, however Order Metrics will not be generated for that Subscription until it is fully activated.  
  • Once rate plan charge trigger dates are set, you cannot directly update or override the trigger dates.
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