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Pending Order and Subscription

The migration to full Orders is in Limited Availability. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters before releasing as generally available.

When you create a new order using the "Create order" REST API, the order and subscription status vary depending on your Billing Trigger Dates and Triggering Condition settings: 

  • The order status can be Pending or Completed
  • The subscription status can be Pending Activation, Pending Acceptance, or Active.

Pending Order

Pending order is created if there is any Pending Activation or Pending Acceptance subscription in that order; otherwise, a Completed order will be created.

Pending Subscription 

A Pending Activation subscription is created when Zuora is configured to require service activation and the Service activation date is left blank in your Create Subscription API call.

A Pending Acceptance subscription is created in either of the two scenarios below:

See API Fields for Billing Trigger Dates and Triggering Condition for more information on the "Create order" API fields that will define the order and subscription status. 

API Fields for Billing Trigger Dates and Triggering Condition

The Billing Trigger Dates settings are configured in the subscriptions>orderActions>triggerDates field in a Create Subscription API call. See Create order for more information.

The Triggering Condition settings are configured in the subscriptions>orderActions>createSubscription>subscribeToRatePlans>chargeOverrides>startDate>triggerEvent (and specificTriggerDate) field in a Create Subscription API call. See Create order for more information.

Activate a Subscription

Activating a subscription requires entering one, two, or three of the Billing Trigger Dates: Contract effective, Service activation, and Customer acceptance date, or entering the Specific Trigger Date for the charge that has its Triggering Condition as Upon a Specific Date.

You can use the "Update order action trigger dates" REST API to set these dates. See Update order action trigger dates.

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