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Renewing Subscriptions Automatically

Autorenewing Subscriptions

If you set Auto Renew to Yes, the subscription automatically renews when the subscription's initial term comes to an end. When Auto Renew is set to Yes:

  • If you set Renewal Setting to Renew With Specific Term, your customer will continue to be billed for the number of months specified by the renewal term.
  • If you set Renewal Setting to Renew To Evergreen, the subscription will automatically change from termed to evergreen, and will no longer need to be renewed.

If you set Auto Renew to No, the subscription expires after the initial term ends and billing is discontinued.

Triggering Autorenewals

Autorenewals are triggered by an automatically generated renewal amendment. The amendment is created by Zuora Billing on the first day of the next renewal term at 9:00 am UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) regardless of your tenant time zone. A subscription with Auto Renew set to Yes continues to renew until the subscription is canceled.

For example, a subscription with a term start date of 1/1/2011, initial term of twelve months, and renewal term of twelve months will initially expire on 12/31/2011. With Autorenew enabled (that is, set to True), this subscription will automatically renew for an additional twelve-month term beginning on 1/1/2012 and ending 12/31/2012.


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