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Manage Billing Document Configuration


Manage Billing Document Configuration

You can easily create and manage your billing document templates. The billing document templates are used to generate PDF invoices for your bills. You can also customize the format of the numbers for billing documents.

Navigation: click your username at the top right and navigate to Billing > Manage Billing Document Configuration.

Manage Billing Document Templates

From the Manage Invoice Rules and Templates tab, you can view your list of existing invoice templates and create new templates. If you have the Invoice Settlement feature enabled, the Manage Invoice, Credit/Debit Memo Templates tab is displayed. You can also manage credit and debit memo templates in this setting.

You can use template Actions to set a template as your default, edit, preview, or remove a template. You can also show the ID of a template. Template IDs are used with the Zuora API. Billing document templates are set at the customer level, not at the product level.

See Creating a Custom Invoice Template for more information about managing invoice templates. See Generate Memo PDFs with Custom Memo Template for more information about managing memo templates.

Prepare Templates for New Invoice File Generation Service

See Upgrade to New Invoice File Generation Service for more information.

Prefix & Numbering

See Prefix and Numbering Configuration for Billing Documents for more information.