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View Invoices


View Invoices


You can view invoices in list or expanded view, and you can view invoices from your customer account.

Invoice Status

Invoices can have one of the following statuses. You can see an invoice's status by clicking into the invoice to see its details. The invoice status might also be set by the bill run. For example, if you post your bill run, all invoices created from that bill run will have a status of Posted.

  • Draft: The invoice has been created but has not been posted, or the invoice was posted but then the post was canceled. The bill run that the invoice is a part of has also not been posted.
  • Posted: The invoice has been posted either individually or as a part of the bill run that has posted. The invoice is now ready for a payment to be collected.
  • Canceled: The invoice has been canceled individually or as a part of a bill run that was canceled. When an invoice is canceled, you will not be able to collect a payment for it.

Tip: When an invoice has been canceled, you will not be able to post it again. If you need to create the invoice again, you can create the invoice from a new bill run, or you can wait for the next scheduled bill run if you have one scheduled.

Invoice Fields

In Zuora Billing, the detail view of an invoice shows the information listed in this section. You can customize your invoice PDF to show additional information or less information.

Field Description
Customer Name This shows who the invoice is for.
Account Number The customer account number.
Status The status of the invoice. See "Invoice Status," above, for more information.
Generated On The date the invoice was generated on.
Posted On The date the bill run was posted on.
Tax Status

The status of tax calculation related to the invoice.

  • Complete: The tax calculation is successful and complete.
  • Error: An error occurs in tax calculation.

This field is only applicable to tax calculation by third-party tax engines.

Tax Message

The message about the status of tax calculation related to the invoice. If tax calculation fails in one invoice, this field displays the reason for the failure.

This field is only applicable to tax calculation by third-party tax engines.

Source The ID of the run from which the invoice was generated.
Target Date The target date of the invoice.
Auto-Pay Whether invoices are automatically picked up for processing in the corresponding payment run.
Transferred to Accounting

Whether the invoice was transferred to an external accounting system, such as NetSuite.

You can only edit this field if the invoice is posted. Editing this field for draft invoices is in Limited Availability. If you wish to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

Total Amount The total amount being billed on the invoice.

Line Item Fields

The following fields are displayed for line items in invoices.

Field Description
SKU The SKU number for the product or service being billed.

The name of the product rate plan charge.

  • If a charge is billed for a partial month or period, the charge name ends with Proration.
  • If a charge is partially credited back, the charge name ends with Proration Credit.
  • If a charge is fully credited back, the charge name ends with Credit.
Service Period The period being billed.
Charge Date The date for the charge.
UOM The unit of measure.
QTY The quantity for the product or service being billed.
Subtotal The total before applying any taxes or adjustments.