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Cancel prepayment subscription


Cancel prepayment subscription


After you have created a prepayment subscription through Orders, you can cancel this subscription for your customer.

Suppose your customer has subscribed to the following charges for 12 months from 2022-01-01 to 2022-12-31:

Product: API Calls Prepayment Service 
Product rate plan: API Calls Monthly Prepayment Plan
Prepayment charge Drawdown charge
  • Charge name: Monthly Plan
  • Charge type: Recurring
  • Charge model: Flat Fee
  • List price: $20/Billing period
  • Billing period: Month
  • Prepaid UOM: Million calls
  • Prepaid units: 10
  • Validity period: Month
  • Charge name: Drawdown
  • Charge type: Usage
  • Charge model: Per unit
  • List price: $5
  • UOM: Million calls

On 2022-03-15, the customer wants to cancel this subscription on 2022-05-01. You can do this for your customer through the Zuora UI or REST API

Zuora UI

Follow the steps described in Cancel a subscription

See the Notes and limitations section for things to consider when renewing prepayment subscriptions. 


Use the Create an order operation to cancel the subscription. 

Sample request body: Cancel an existing subscription with the cancellation effective date on 2022-05-01.  

Request POST    /v1/orders
Request body
"subscriptions": [
      "subscriptionNumber": "$SubscriptionNum",
      "orderActions": [
          "type": "CancelSubscription",
          "triggerDates": [
              "name": "ContractEffective",
              "triggerDate": "2022-03-15"
              "name": "ServiceActivation",
              "triggerDate": "2022-03-15"
              "name": "CustomerAcceptance",
              "triggerDate": "2022-03-15"
          "cancelSubscription": {
            "cancellationPolicy": "SpecificDate",
            "cancellationEffectiveDate": "2022-05-01"

Once the order action is activated, your customer’s subscription will be canceled on 2022-05-01. 

You can view the customer’s prepaid balance through the Zuora UI or Data Query

Notes and limitations

  • Cancellation is allowed anytime during a validity period. To cancel a subscription in the middle of a validity period, the billing periods within the validity period must all be billed. After the cancellation, a credit item will be generated in the next bill run to refund the subscriber based on the Credit Option you choose for the prepayment charge. 
  • If you want to reverse the cancellation, you can delete the order (the cancellation order), and the prepaid units will be recovered.