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Active Rating Quick Start


Active Rating Quick Start

The Active Rating feature is in development. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

This tutorial outlines the process for using the Active Rating feature in Zuora. 

To use active usage rating, authenticate to the Zuora REST API through OAuth, import usage records, and then retrieve rating results.

  1. Create an OAuth client for a user
    To do this, you must be an administrator of your Zuora tenant. This is a one-time operation. Note the displayed Client ID and Client Secret information down as it is required for next step.
    Note: The OAuth client will be owned by a Zuora user account. If you want to perform PUT, POST, or DELETE operations using the OAuth client, the owner of the OAuth client must have a Platform role that includes the "API Write Access" permission.
  2. Generate an OAuth bearer token

    The operation response specifies how long the bearer token is valid for. Call Generate an OAuth bearer token again to generate a new bearer token.
    For every subsequent API request, a valid bearer token must be provided in an HTTP header:

    Authorization: Bearer {bearer_token}

  3. Submit usage data to Zuora.
  4. View information of usage records
  5. View information of usage import files
  6. View rating results by account
  7. View rating results by subscription