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Payments Dashboard


Payments Dashboard

The Payments dashboard includes a graph as well as a list of payment runs and payment methods for all customer accounts.

Payment Dashboard 

The default dashboard view shows you the total payments collected. 


The graph can show Number Payments Processed or Total Payments Collected and can be filtered to show different periods (daily, weekly, monthly, or a custom date range).

Payment Runs shows the recent runs that have taken place. It also gives links to create a New payment run or a New scheduled payment run, and to view all (payment runs). There is also a Payment Runs tab.

Payment Methods displays the various payments accepted or declined per customer. You can sort the payment methods by Customer (account) or Expiry date; sorting by expiry date makes it easy to view all credit cards that have expired or are about to expire. There is also a Payment Methods tab.

Searchable Fields

You can search on the following fields in Payments objects within the Zuora user interface.

Object Searchable Fields
Customer Accounts Account name, Account Number, CRM ID, Bill To and Sold To Contact Names, Work Phone Number, Work Email Address, Custom Fields, and the Last Four Digits of the Payment Method (for example, Credit Card Number)
Payment Operations (Payment Methods) Credit Card Number (Last 4 Digits)
Payment Operations (Payment Runs) Payment Run Number
Payment Operations (Payments) Payment Number
Payment Operations (Refunds) Refund Number