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Reviewing and Editing Payments


Reviewing and Editing Payments

Access the payment detail page

To view detailed information of a payment:

  1. Navigate to Payments > Payments. The payment list is displayed. You can use the Search field to query the payments.
  2. Click the number of the payment you want to view. The payment detail page opens.

On the payment detail page, the detailed information of the payment is grouped in sections. You can view the basic information such as Payment Method, Payment Total, and Reference ID, as well as some other additional information such as Payment Run Number and Payment Gateway in the dropdown Additional Fields section.

The Gateway Transaction State field shows the current status of the credit card transaction. You can click Get Latest Payment State to retrieve the latest status. This field is only applicable to credit card transactions. For other payment method types, Not Available is displayed.

You can also use other status fields on the payment detail page including Payment Status, Gateway State, and Gateway Reconciliation Status to figure out the status of your payment transaction. See Electronic payment processing for details.

For a standalone payment, the Financial Information and Payment Application sections are not presented on the payment detail page, because the payment will not be settled within Zuora.

Edit the basic information of a payment

  1. After reviewing the payment detail information, click more and select Edit Basic Information to edit the information.
    • For External Payments, you can edit the following fields: Comment, Accounting Code, Transferred to Accounting, Reference ID, and Secondary Reference ID
    • For ​Electronic Payments, you can edit the following fields: Comment, Accounting Code, and Transferred to Accounting​
  2. Click save changes.