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Fields returned in rawGatewayInfo


Fields returned in rawGatewayInfo

Lists the fields returned in the rawGatewayInfo object.

If you have enabled the Payment Pages 2.0 setting to return raw gateway information, the rawGatewayInfo field will be returned in the Payment Pages 2.0 response. This field consists of two components: common response fields and additional gateway information.

The following code snippet is an example of this field:

   "responseMessage":"Invalid CC Number",
      "AVSRespCode":"3 ",
      "CVV2RespCode":" ",
      "HostAVSRespCode":" ",
      "HostCVV2RespCode":" ",

Common response fields

The following fields are returned as common response fields in rawGatewayInfo:

  • type
  • version
  • responseCode
  • responseMessage

Additional gateway information

The additional gateway information returned in the additionalInfo field depends on the gateway. The following table lists the fields returned in additionalInfo for each supported gateway:

Gateway Returned fields
  • reasonCode
  • ccAuthReply_avsCode
  • ccAuthReply_reasonCode
  • afsReply_reasonCode
  • afsReply_binCountry
Chase Orbital
  • RespCode
  • StatusMsg
  • AVSRespCode
  • CVV2RespCode
  • CAVVRespCode
  • HostAVSRespCode
  • HostCVV2RespCode
  • CTIAffluentCard
  • CTICommercialCard
  • CTIDurbinExemption
  • CTIHealthcareCard
  • CTILevel3Eligible
  • CTIPayrollCard
  • CTIPrepaidCard
  • CTIPINlessDebitCard
  • CTISignatureDebitCard
  • CTIIssuingCountry