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Manage Hosted Payment Pages in Multiple Languages


Manage Hosted Payment Pages in Multiple Languages

This article is for the Hosted Payment Method Pages (HPM) 1.0. Zuora has deprecated HPM1.0. There are no further plans for HPM 1.0 and Zuora will no longer provide support for any issues with HPM 1.0. Payment Pages 2.0 are now generally available, and are a replacement for HPM 1.0. To migrate from HPM 1.0 to Payment Pages 2.0, see this migration guide.

You can create and manage Hosted Payment pages to be displayed in multiple languages. This article describes the steps that you take to create multiple Hosted Payment pages with the same layout in multiple languages.

To support Hosted Payment pages displayed in multiple languages, create a separate Hosted Payment page for each language you want to support. Then based on your commerce site logic, you choose in which language to display the Hosted Payment page. A Hosted Payment page itself does not have access to the language setting of user's browser.

For example, if you want to provide options for three languages in Hosted Payment pages, such as English, French, and Swedish, you would create three Hosted Payment pages for English, French, and Swedish. When a user opens the check-out page in the English setting, you generate the English-version of the Hosted Payment page iFrame. When the user clicks Switch to French, your website logic would be used to generate the check-out page in French along with the French version of the Hosted Payment page iFrame.

There is no limit to the number of Hosted Payment pages that can be created per tenant.

To configure Hosted Payment pages in multiple languages:

  1. Create a Hosted Payment page for each language you want to support.
  2. For each Hosted Payment page, generate the iFrame signature as described in Generate the Signature for the iframe, using the shared API Security Key for all the pages and a unique Page ID for each page.
  3. Embed and submit the iFrames as described in Embed and Submit the iframe.
  4. In your commerce site, add the logic to generate the appropriate Hosted Payment page iFrame based on the language setting used.