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Troubleshoot Hosted Payment Method Pages


Troubleshoot Hosted Payment Method Pages

This article is for the Hosted Payment Method Pages (HPM) 1.0. Zuora has deprecated HPM1.0. There are no further plans for HPM 1.0 and Zuora will no longer provide support for any issues with HPM 1.0. Payment Pages 2.0 are now generally available, and are a replacement for HPM 1.0. To migrate from HPM 1.0 to Payment Pages 2.0, see this migration guide.

The iFrame Does Not Appear

If the Hosted Payment Method page iFrame does not appear on you web page, investigate the following:

  • Is the URL signature being generated correctly? Verify whether you can replicate the signature created on the Preview Page to make sure the signature is being generated correctly. Refer to available sample code to verify signature steps.
  • Is your server time in GMT so that your server time is aligned with Zuora's server time? If there is a mismatch in server times, the iFrame may not be generating because of timestamp discrepancies.
  • If the iFrame some times loads properly and other times loads as a blank page, check to make sure the signature is encoded as Base64 URL safe. See the generating signature or sample code sections for reference.

Cannot Submit Payment Information

If you can generate the iFrame but cannot submit the payment information, investigate the following:

  • Are the Hosted Domain and Callback Path fields configured properly in the Zuora application? 
  • Is the payment gateway configured properly in Zuora? In the Zuora application, verify that a payment method can be created with the specified payment gateway and there are no errors.