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Update Gateway Settings to Support the New GoCardless API Version


Update Gateway Settings to Support the New GoCardless API Version

GoCardless is upgrading their API. As of July 1, 2015, they will no longer accept the username and password for logging in to their service. Going forward, only an Access Token will be required.

In R188.2, Zuora updated the GoCardless payment gateway settings with the new Access Token field. This new field will replace the Username and Password fields that are currently used to authorize all transactions. This article explains how to update your GoCardless payment gateway settings to support the GoCardless API upgrade. 

Required Action: Zuora recommends that you set your Access Token before the GoCardless API upgrade deadline of July 1. Once set, Zuora will use this token to authorize against the new GoCardless API.

GoCardless Upgrade FAQs

When does the GoCardless API upgrade become effective?

July 1, 2015

How does this API upgrade impact me?

If you have an instance of the GoCardless payment gateway configured, you must set the Access Token field before July 1. This action will enable Zuora to continue processing transactions with GoCardless without any interruption.

What happens if I don't update my configuration by July 1?

Zuora will continue to use the existing API and the Username and Password to authenticate. Once GoCardless deprecates the existing API, Zuora integration will no longer work.

Who do I contact if I have questions or where can I get more information about the GoCardless API upgrade?
  • Contact GoCardless for more information on the API update.
  • Contact or Zuora Support for questions about the new GoCardless setting, the Access Token.
  • See the GoCardless Blog for more information.

How to Upgrade

The upgrade process is two steps:

  1. Get the Access Token from GoCardless – By retrieving the GoCardless Publishable Access Token.
  2. Update GoCardless Payment Gateway Settings in Zuora – By entering the new Access Token.

Get the Access Token from GoCardless

You must log into your GoCardless account and retrieve the token.

  1. Log into GoCardless and select the Clipboard icon to go to the Organization Page.
    Example of a GoCardless Dashboard
  2. Scroll to the Publishable Access Tokens section on the Organization page and select the token you want to use.
    Example of Published Access Tokens
  3. If there are no Publishable Access Tokens available:
    1. Select Publishable Access from the Create menu to create a new token.
      Organization page showing menu selection for Access Token
    2. Enter a name and click Create Publishable Access Token.GoCardless_CreatePAToken1.png
  4. Select the token you want to copy. The following detail page appears:
    Example Copy Access Token
  5. Copy the token by highlighting the token value and copying it to the clipboard. 

Update GoCardless Gateway Settings in Zuora

Navigation: Settings > Z-Payment Settings > Setup Payment Gateway

The following is example of a GoCardless gateway settings page before the upgrade occurs, where the Username and Password fields appear on the page with the new Access Token field.

Example of the GoCardless Settings Page Before the Upgrade

  1. Paste the copied token value in the Access Token field. 

  2. Save the changes. Zuora will start using the Access Token when communicating with GoCardless. 

The following is an example of the GoCardless Gateway settings page after the GoCardless API upgrade becomes effective on July 1: 

Example of the Setting Page after the GoCardless API Becomes Effective

The Username and Password fields are no longer displayed or available for use.