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Worldpay Payment Gateway


Worldpay Payment Gateway

Worldpay offers market-leading online payments and fraud protection to corporate businesses globally, and supports a wide range of processing and settlement currencies.

Zuora is pre-integrated with Worldpay, allowing you to create a Worldpay gateway instance and process credit card and debit card transactions settled in a currency other than the transaction currency. 

To set up the Worldpay Payment Method Updater service in Zuora, see Configure Worldpay Payment Method Updater for more information.

To enable and configure Gateway Reconciliation on Worldpay 1.4 or Access Worldpay, see Configure Worldpay Gateway Reconciliation for more information.

Supported Versions

Zuora supports the following Worldpay payment gateway versions:

  • Access Worldpay: The latest gateway version. We recommend that you use this version. 
  • Worldpay 1.4
  • WorldPay (Corporate Gateway)

The following table compares a subset of features among Access Worldpay, Worldpay 1.4, and WorldPay (Corporate Gateway).

Feature Access Worldpay  (Latest version) Worldpay 1.4 WorldPay (Corporate Gateway)
Supported payment methods
  • Credit Cards, including:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • JCB
    • Diners Club
  • Credit Card Reference
  • ACH
  • Credit Cards, including:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • JCB
    • Diners Club
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Card Reference
  • SEPA

Worldpay 1.4's support for Credit Card Reference is in the Early Adopter phase. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters before releasing it as generally available.

  • Credit Cards, including:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Discover
  • Debit Cards
Mandate creation Not Supported Among the supported payment methods, Zuora supports mandate creation for SEPA payment methods. Zuora will generate and pass the mandate to the gateway. Not Supported
Gateway Reconciliation Supported Supported Not Supported
3D Secure 2.0 Supported Supported  Not Supported
Stored credential transactions Supported  Supported Not Supported
Non-Referenced Refunds Supported (both external and electronic non-referenced refunds) Supported (only external non-referenced refunds) Supported (both external and electronic non-referenced refunds)

Configure Payment Gateway Instance

See Access Worldpay to learn how to set up an Access Worldpay gateway integration instance.

See Worldpay 1.4 and Worldpay (Corporate Gateway) to learn how to set up Worldpay 1.4 or Worldpay (Corporate Gateway) instances.

Additional Gateway Information

Integration Notes

Order Number

If an order ID is passed in a Zuora API call, this ID has to be unique for each payment. If no ID is passed in, Zuora will generate a 32-character random alphanumeric value for Payment Method creation, or use our internal IDs (constructed as tenant ID + payment number) for Payment creation requests, to ensure uniqueness.

Reverting a Payment

It’s recommended to use the void payment option within 15 minutes of the payment request, and only use the refund option after 90 minutes has elapsed. Worldpay doesn’t indicate if an order qualifies for void or refund in the void/refund response, so Zuora marks the void/refund request as processed to indicate the gateway received the request, regardless of whether the request will succeed or fail later on.

Email Notifications

Worldpay supports sending order notifications and financial reports by email to the merchant. This feature is implemented and maintained by Worldpay.

Functional Mapping between Zuora and Worldpay

This section describes the functional mapping between the Zuora API and the Worldpay API.

Zuora API Worldpay API
Payment Method creation by passing in Credit Card information Submitting an order with a Credit Card, and then issue a ‘cancelOrRefund’ type of order modification on the same order.
Payment Creation Authorize an order with credit card, and issue a ‘capture’ type of order modification.
Void the Authorization Issue a ‘cancelOrRefund’ type of order modification on the payment order.
Void the Payment Issue a ‘cancel’ type of order modification on the payment order.
Refund Creation Issue a ‘refund’ type of order modification on the payment order.
Payment Inquiry Inquiry on the payment order.

Credit Card Field Mappings

This section describes the object and field mappings between Zuora and Worldpay for Credit Card Payment Method creation and Payment creation.


Zuora UI API field passed to Worldpay (XPath) Source of this infoRmation in Zuora (object.field) Zuora PaymentMethod API field
Gateway setup > Merchant Code /paymentService/@merchantCode



Gateway setup > user name http basic auth: user



Gateway setup page > xml password http basic auth: password




/order/@orderCode AuthBean.orderId, or 32-digit random string

PaymentBean.orderId, or PaymentBean.paymentNumber




/order/description AuthBean.referenceId


New Customer Account > Currency /amount/@currencyCode CustomerInfo.currency.code Account.Currency
New Customer Account > Currency /amount/@exponent CustomerInfo.currency.exponent Account.Currency
Gateway setup > Default Authorization Amount /amount/@value AuthBean.amount  
Credit Card Type <VISA-SSL> <ECMC-SSL> etc. tag CreditCard.cardType PaymentMethod.CreditCardType
Card Number /paymentDetails/cardNumber CreditCard.cardNumber PaymentMethod.CreditCardNumber
Expiration Date /paymentDetails/expiryDate/date/@month CreditCard.expirationDate PaymentMethod.CreditCardExpirationMonth
Expiration Date /paymentDetails/expiryDate/date/@year CreditCard.expirationDate PaymentMethod.CreditCardExpirationYear
Card Holder Name /paymentDetails/cardHolderName CreditCard.cardHolderName PaymentMethod.CreditCardHolderName
Card Security Code /paymentDetails/cvc CreditCard.cardSecurityCode <paymentmethod.cardsecuritycode/>
Billing City /cardAddress/address/city CreditCard.cardCity PaymentMethod.CreditCardCity
Billing Country /cardAddress/address/countryCode CreditCard.cardCountry PaymentMethod.CreditCardCountry
Billing Postal Code /cardAddress/address/postalCode CreditCard.cardZip PaymentMethod.CreditCardPostalCode
Billing State/Province /cardAddress/address/state PaymentMethod.CreditCardState
Billing Address /cardAddress/address/address1 CreditCard.cardAddress1 PaymentMethod.CreditCardAddress1
Billing Address /cardAddress/address/address2 CreditCard.cardAddress2 PaymentMethod.CreditCardAddress2
Phone /cardAddress/address/telephoneNumber PaymentMethod.Phone


Zuora UI Worldpay API (XPath) Description
Reference Id /(orderStatus|captureReceived)/@orderCode transactionId, orderId
N/A <lastEvent> For PaymentMethod creation only: successful if lastEvent is AUTHORISED, otherwise fails.
N/A <reply><ok> Payment request (sale call) is successful if this tag is present in response, otherwise fails.
N/A /error/@code error code
N/A /error error description
N/A /AVSResultCode/@description  
N/A /CVCResultCode/@description