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Payment Gateway OAuth 2.0


Payment Gateway OAuth 2.0

The Payment Gateway OAuth 2.0 setting allows you to view and create OAuth tokens for the GoCardless gateway. All active tokens displayed under this page are available for configuration on the configuration page for new and existing GoCardless gateway instances.

With the OAuth token specified, the GoCardless gateway instances in Zuora will include the token in each request sent to GoCardless to perform the OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Take the following steps to create a new OAuth token:

  1. Click new oauth 2.0. The Create New OAuth 2.0 page is displayed.
  2. Enter a name for the token that can help you identify the token.
  3. Select Use Gateway Test Environment if you want to use the gateway test environment.
  4. Click save. You are then redirected to the GoCardless app login page.
  5. Enter your email address and password that are used to log into your GoCardless merchant account.
  6. Ensure that the I agree to the Connected Merchant Agreement checkbox is selected, and click Connect account. You are then redirected back to your Zuora tenant.

You can find that the created token with the specified name and active status is displayed under the token list.