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Access Revenue Schedules


Access Revenue Schedules


Revenue schedules track recognized revenue and schedule the distribution of future revenue into accounting periods. This article explains how to access a revenue schedule from an invoice, invoice item adjustment, and subscription.

How to Access a Revenue Schedule

You can navigate to revenue schedule from an invoice, invoice item adjustment, or subscription.

See Revenue Schedules for conceptual information.

Access from an Invoice

Navigation: Billing > Invoices 

Link to Revenue Schedule from an Invoice

Access from an Invoice Item Adjustment

Navigation: Billing > Invoice Item Adjustments

Link to Revenue Schedule from an Invoice Item Adjustment

Access from Subscription

You can only access manually created revenue schedules from a subscription.

Navigation: Customers > Subscriptions

Click in the Revenue column to access the Charge Revenue Summary. From this page, you can access a revenue schedule on a specific charge.

See Charge Revenue Summary for more information.

Link to Charge Revenue Summary from a Subscription, from which you can access the Revenue Schedule

Access from Credit Memo or Debit Memo

If you enable the Invoice Settlement feature, you can create credit or debit memos, and access revenue schedules from credit or debit memos.

The Invoice Settlement feature is generally available as of Zuora Billing Release 296 (March 2021). This feature includes Unapplied Payments, Credit and Debit Memo, and Invoice Item Settlement. If you want to have access to the feature, see Invoice Settlement Enablement and Checklist Guide for more information.

Navigation: Click Billing > Credit and Debit Memos, and click a credit or debit memo to open its detail page. Click the revenue schedule number in the Revenue Schedule column to access the revenue schedule.

Revenue Workbench

The Revenue Workbench lists all revenue schedules that have non-zero undistributed revenue on their subscription charges. Navigate directly to revenue schedules that require action from this page. See Revenue Workbench for more information.

Navigation: Finance > Revenue Workbench

Navigation to Revenue Schedules with Undistributed Revenue via Revenue Workbench