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Using the Dashboard


Using the Dashboard

This feature is in Limited Availability. See Requesting Zuora Dashboard if you want to have access to this feature. To be eligible to have access to this feature, Orders must be enabled in your Zuora tenant.

The dashboard displays key subscription metrics as interactive cards.

By default, all Zuora users in your organization can access the dashboard. Zuora platform administrators can manage access to the dashboard. See Reporting Roles for more information.

View the Dashboard

To view the dashboard, navigate to Analytics > Dashboard in your Zuora tenant.

The dashboard opens and displays key subscription metrics as cards:


Zuora recalculates each subscription metric and refreshes the dashboard at least once per day. See Calculations of Key Subscription Metrics to learn how Zuora calculates each subscription metric.

The currency conversion configuration of your Zuora tenant does not affect the dashboard. Instead, Zuora displays monetary values using the currency that you specified when you requested access to the dashboard. The dashboard's currency is shown at the top right of the dashboard.

View Detailed Data and Drill Down to Contributing Accounts

To view detailed data for a card:

  1. Click the card.

    Zuora displays the card detail page:


    This page contains more detail about the subscription metric, including a data grid below the chart. You can horizontally scroll the data grid to view all the data.

  2. Hover over the chart to display a summary for any period, including the metric value and period-over-period rate of change.


    In the chart, each period is labeled by the starting date of the period. In the above example, October 2017 corresponds to the fourth calendar quarter of 2017. That is, October through December 2017. The dashboard does not support fiscal quarters.

  3. Click a value in the data grid to drill down to contributing accounts. Zuora lists the accounts that contributed to the value of the subscription metric:


    If you drill down to view how much ARR or MRR is currently contributed by an account, Zuora displays the ARR or MRR of the subscriptions that are owned by the account. This value may be different from the ARR or MRR of the invoices that are owned by the account. The MRR of the invoices that are owned by the account is provided by the "Net MRR by account" standard report in Zuora Reporting.

Download Data From a Card

To download the data that is shown in the chart, click Export at the top of the card detail page. Zuora exports the data in CSV format. The CSV file contains the value of the subscription metric for each period that is shown in the chart.

In the CSV file, each period is labeled by the starting date of the period:

Month Date,Business Impact,MRR Changes

If you have filtered the data shown on the card, the data in the CSV file is also filtered.

To download the list of accounts that contributed to a particular value of the subscription metric, drill down to contributing accounts (see the previous section), then click Export at the top of the accounts list. Zuora exports the accounts list in CSV format. For example:

Month Date,Subscription Owner Account,Account Number,MRR Changes
2017-10-01,East Enterprises,A00000390,59.00
2017-10-01,North Corporation,A00000392,64.00
2017-10-01,West Services,A00000391,59.00

Configure a Card

See Configuring Cards on the Dashboard for how to change the title, description, and displayed data of cards.