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Key Contacts for Customer Accounts


Key Contacts for Customer Accounts


As a part of account creation you will create a Bill To and Sold To Contact for your customer account.

Bill To and Sold To Contacts

The Bill To and Sold To contact can be the same or a different person/entity. The contact record contains information that you will need to keep and use for billing. Unlike a business card in your Rolodex, a contact is linked to a customer account.

  • The Bill To contact is the person that you would like to bill or send the invoice to.
  • The Sold To contact is person that you have sold your product or services to. This person can be the same as the Bill To contact.

You do not have to create a separate contact for your Sold To contact if the person that you sold to is also the person that you are billing. You can simply use one contact and specify it to be both the Bill To and the Sold To contact.

Creating a New Contact

To create a new contact:

  1. Fill in the fields as needed for the Bill to Contact.The only fields required to set up a new contact are the First Name and Last Name, indicated by green bars next to the fields. You must also enter a valid email address if you want to send invoices to the customer electronically by email.
  2. Click add more detail to include additional contact information such as fax number and other phone number. These fields are optional.
  3. Fill in the fields as needed for the Sold To Contact. If your Sold To Contact is the same as your Bill To Contact, make sure to check Same as Bill To Contact.