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Subscriptions and Amendments for Customer Accounts


Subscriptions and Amendments for Customer Accounts


A subscription is a collection of one or more charges for products and services that have been purchased by a customer. Typically, subscription charges are recurring, but they can be one-time or usage-based charges (for example, metering for the number of minutes used on a cell phone plan). Amendments are changes made to an active subscription. This article describes the Subscriptions and Amendments view from a customer account.

Using Amendments

Creating and amending subscriptions in the Zuora Billing UI is:

You can create amendments to do the following:

  • Change the terms and conditions of a contract
  • Add or remove a product from a subscription
  • Update an existing product (for example, update price or quantity)
  • Renew a subscription in advance of the auto-renewal date
  • Suspend a subscription (This is in Limited Availability.)
  • Resume a subscription (This is in Limited Availability.)

Viewing Subscriptions and Amendments

You can view your subscriptions and amendments from your customer account view. Click into them to see detailed information.

You can also click sort and use the up and down arrows next to each subscription to change the order in which your subscriptions are displayed in the customer account.

See Subscriptions and Changing Subscriptions (Amendments) for more information about working with these in Zuora.


The monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is a key metric for subscription businesses and represents the Monthly Recurring Revenue for a subscription, order, or charge. The MRR calculates subscription fees normalized to a monthly value, and does not include one-time or usage fees. See Monthly Recurring Revenue for more information about MRR. 

TCV is the amount of revenue that a subscription generates in its first term, assuming the subscription is not yet renewed. The first term, also known as the initial term, and TCV do not define the billing period of the subscription. However, the initial term can have an effect on invoicing if your customer does not renew the subscription is not renewed and you try to invoice your customer past the subscription's first term.