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Renew a Subscription (Amendment)


Renew a Subscription (Amendment)

This feature is unavailable if you have the Orders feature enabled. See Overview of Orders and Order Metrics for more information.

When you renew a subscription, the current subscription term is extended by creating a new term. The number of periods that a subscription is extended is defined by the Renewal Term attributed to the subscription. Use the following steps to renew a subscription. 

Using the Zuora User Interface to Renew a Subscription

  1. Select the subscription you want to renew.
  2. Click Amendment.
  3. Enter an Amendment Name. Optionally, enter a Change Description.
  4. Select Renewal from the Amendment Type list, then click Save.


  1. The Amendment Detail section outlines the effect of the renewal.


  1. Click Active. Enter a Customer Acceptance Date, then click Save.

Using the Zuora API to Renew a Subscription

See Renewing a Subscription and follow the instructions based on your WSDL version. 

Amend or Cancel a Subscription Before The Renewal Term Starts

After you have renewed a subscription, you can still create amendments or cancel the subscription before the renewal term starts. See Amend or Cancel a Subscription Before the Renewal Term for more information.