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Renew a Subscription (Amendment)


Renew a Subscription (Amendment)

Creating and amending subscriptions in the Zuora Billing UI is only relevant for existing Subscribe and Amend customers who have not transitioned to Orders or Orders Harmonization. Any new customers will not see this UI.

When you renew a subscription, the current subscription term is extended by creating a new term. The number of periods that a subscription is extended is defined by the Renewal Term attributed to the subscription. If any charge in your subscription has the billing period set as SubscriptionTerma new charge segment is generated for the new term. For more information, see Define Billing Periods and Segmented rate plan charges (charge segments).

Use the following steps to renew a subscription. 

Using the Zuora User Interface to Renew a Subscription

  1. Select the subscription you want to renew.
  2. Click Amendment.
  3. Enter an Amendment Name. Optionally, enter a Change Description.
  4. Select Renewal from the Amendment Type list, then click Save.


  1. The Amendment Detail section outlines the effect of the renewal.


  1. Click Active. Enter a Customer Acceptance Date, then click Save.

Using the Zuora API to Renew a Subscription

See Renewing a Subscription and follow the instructions based on your WSDL version. 

Amend or Cancel a Subscription Before The Renewal Term Starts

After you have renewed a subscription, you can still create amendments or cancel the subscription before the renewal term starts. See Amend or Cancel a Subscription Before the Renewal Term for more information.