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Audit Trail Release Notes


Audit Trail Release Notes

We publish Audit Trail Release Notes when customer-facing features, enhancements, or resolved issues of Audit Trail are deployed to Zuora Sandbox environments. See the Audit Trail Release Notes below:

January 13, 2021

The Production deployment of this release is February 22, 2021.

Zuora Audit Trail now supports the capability of tracking, logging and reporting on changes of the following business objects:

The audit trails of these objects are stored in Table auditobjectchangeevent. Administrators can enable or disable auditing these objects through Manage Audit Trail Settings

See Sample Queries of Audit Trail on how to retrieve business object changes.

January 11, 2021

Previously, you can retrieve users' status changes by filtering the changes of the active attribute when querying the auditsettingchangeevent table where the audit trail of user management settings is stored.

Zuora system has replaced the active attribute with status since this release. Now you must filter the changes of the status attribute instead to retrieve the users' status changes from the auditsettingchangeevent table. The possible values of the status attribute are NewActive and Inactive.