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Deployment Manager Limitations


Deployment Manager Limitations

The Deployment Manager feature is in the Early Adopter phase, which provides an enhanced digital experience. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters before releasing it as generally available. If you want to join this early adopter program, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.


The Deployment Manager currently has the following limitations:

  • The Deployment Manager does not provide an override or delete function for objects configured in the target tenant.
  • The Deployment Manager does not support Commerce, Reporting, Connect, and Platform Settings.
  • The FX currency rates cannot be deployed.
  • Custom fields cannot be reverted.
  • The following settings are not supported:
Section Settings
Administration Security Policies
Manage User Roles
Manage Users
External SMTP
AQuA Stateful Time Offset
Billing Download the Zuora WSDL
Setup External Tax Engine
Email Templates
Callout Options
Payments Payment Method
Setup Payment Gateway
Email Templates
Setup Payment Method Updater
Setup Hosted Pages
CIT/MIT Configuration
Commerce Synchronize Data
Configure Quote Templates
Manage Checkout Pages
Finance Configure Accounting Codes
Email Templates
Reporting Manage Datasources
AQuA job finder
Connect Lockby Ruby
Collection Window
Advance Payment Retry
Statement Generator
Advance Payment Manager