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Zuora Connection Settings

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Configure the fields on this page to establish the API connection to Zuora.

The Zuora Quotes Connection Settings are at the global level of your organization. If you have the Multi-entity enabled, all the Zuora entities in your org share the same user name and password. When you test the connection, you receive the connection status for each entity.

To configure Zuora connection settings:

  1. In Zuora Quotes, click the Zuora Config tab.
  2. On the Zuora Quotes Configuration Settings page, click Zuora Connection Settings.
  3. Click Edit Settings.
  4. Enter information for the configuration fields. The values that you enter in these fields depend on your Zuora and Salesforce configuration. The table below describes these fields in more detail.
    Note: If you do not have an API User Name and API Password, you must create one.
  5. Click Test Connection to verify the new connection setting to Zuora.
  6. Click Save.

The following fields are available to set up a connection to Zuora.

Field Description Required?

Specify the URL provided by Zuora, including the WSDL version that you want to use. This will typically be in the format:

<Zuora Domain URL>/apps/services/a/<version>

<Zuora Domain URL> is:

  • https://zforsf.zuora.com for the US Zuora Production environment
  • https://apisandbox.zuora.com for the US Zuora API Sandbox
  • https://servicesNNN.zuora.com for a US services environment
  • https://pt1-zforsf.zuora.com for the US Performance Test environment
  • https://eu.zuora.com for the EU Production environment
  • https://sandbox.eu.zuora.com for the EU Sandbox environment

We recommend that you specify the version 80.0 of the WSDL.

For example: 

  • https://zforsf.zuora.com/apps/services/a/80.0
  • https://apisandbox.zuora.com/apps/services/a/80.0
API User Name

Use the user name provided by Zuora. 

Zuora recommends that you use an API user for the connection setting so that the password does not expire. However, you can use either a UI or an API user to successfully establish a connection.

API Password Use the password provided by Zuora. Yes
Enable Apex Call Out Debug Leave this field unchecked. This is used only for debugging purposes. No


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