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Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q4 2016

This document explains how to upgrade Zuora Quotes Q3 2016 Release (Version 7.3x or 7.4x) to the Q4 2016 Release (Version 8.0).

If you have made any customizations to the out-of-the-box Zuora Quotes, you may run into issues upon upgrade. In some cases, code changes may be required upon upgrade across versions. Refer to the release notes for the  new or updated features in this release and to determine if your customization needs to be revisited.

Notable changes, in this release and previous releases, that may affect your customization are:

  • In 6.54, the Quote Charge object was migrated to the Quote Rate Plan Charge object.
  • Starting from 7.x, the Product2 object is used for products instead of ZProduct.

If you are on an older version than 7.1.x, follow the Zuora Quotes Upgrade Paths and perform the required upgrade steps in each version first. For example:

  • If your current version is 5.9x, your upgrade path is: 5.90 > 5.100 >  6.0 > 7.1.x > 7.3 > 7.4x > 8.0
  • If your current version is Titanium Release, version 6.0, 6.50, 6.60, or 7.0, your upgrade path is: 6.0 > 7.1.x > 7.3 > 7.4x > 8.0
  • If your current version is 6.50, 6.60, or 7.1.x, you must manually run the migration script in the following scenario:
    • You have not run the migration script introduced in Version 6.51.
    • Your migration script failed with an error.

If Zuora Quotes has never been installed in your Salesforce org, perform the standard installation as described in Install the Zuora Quotes Package.

Follow the steps to upgrade Zuora Quotes to this version:

  1. Check and enable the Enable Guided Product Selector setting in Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings. The new product selector pages require that the guided selling is turned on.
  2. Update the Quotes page layout assignment to the 8.0 version.
  3. Update the quoting flows to use the new 8.0 pages.

See Enable Bundling in Zuora Quotes for the steps if you want to enable Bundling in your org.

If you are enabling the Bundling setting with this upgrade, you will need to have performed a successful Product Catalog Sync.

If you need to continue using the old product selector, follow the steps below to revert to the old product selector.

Assign Quotes Page Layouts V8.0 to User Profiles 

New page layouts were added for the Quote object in this release. Change page layouts of the Quote object to the 8.0 layouts for each record type. You do not need to change the Cancellation record type.

To assign the new page layouts to all user profiles:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > Quote.
  2. In the Page Layouts section, click Page Layout Assignment.
  3. Click Edit Assignment.
  4. On the Edit Page Layout Assignment page, click the record type to be assigned, such as Master, Amendment, Amendment ReadOnly. 
  5. With the profile and the record type highlighted, click the Page Layout To Use field, and select Quote Layout V8.0 of each record type as shown below.
    Record Type Page Layout to Use
    Master Quote Layout - Default V8.0
    Amendment Quote Layout - Amendment v8.0
    Amendment ReadOnly Quote Layout - Amendment Read-Only v8.0
    Default Quote Layout - Default V8.0
    ReadOnly Quote Layout - Read Only v8.0
    Renewal Quote Layout - Renewal V8.0
    Renewal ReadOnly Quote Layout - Renewal Read-Only V8.0
  6. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 for each profile.
  7. Click Save.

Edit Quote Wizard Configuration 

If you customized quoting flows and want to support Bundling and Zuora Rules Engine in the quoting process, you must make the changes to use the new Enhanced Product Selector. 

To use the new Enhanced Product Selector:

  1. Click Quote Wizard Settings in the Zuora Config tab.
  2. Click Edit to update the Quote Wizard Configuration for each subscription type as below. 
    Subscription Type Step # Visualforce Page to be Assigned
    New Subscription 1 zqu__quoteEnhancement
      2 zqu__CreateQuote
      3 zqu__EditQuoteProducts
    Amend Subscription 1 zqu__quoteEnhancement
      2 zqu__CreateQuote
      3 aqu__EditQuoteProducts
    Renew Subscription 1 zqu__quoteEnhancement
      2 zqu__CreateQuote
      3 zqu__EditQuoteProducts
    Cancel Subscription 1 zqu__quoteEnhancement
      2 zqu__ZQCancellation
    Edit Subscription 1 zqu__quoteEnhancement
      2 zqu_CreateQuote
    Edit Amendment 1 zqu_CreateQuote
    Edit Renewal 1 zqu_CreateQuote

    The new Edit Subscription, Edit Amendment, and Edit Renewal types are the flows that you would enter when you select Maintain Quote on the Clone Quote page.
  3. Optionally, you can click Restore to Defaults to use the new 8.0 pages.
  4. Click Save after making changes to each subscription type.

Revert to the Old Product Selector Page Layouts

If you need to use the old product selector in this version, either in a fresh install or an upgrade, follow the steps to revert the pages in Quote Wizard Settings.

To use the old product selector:

  1. Assign the 7.xx page layouts of the Quote objects to your user profiles.
  2. Check and update the quoting flow.
    1. Click Quote Wizard Settings in the Zuora Config tab.
    2. For the Subscription Types of New Subscription, Amend Subscription, and the Renew Subscription, replace any zqu__EditQouteProducts page with zqu__SelectProducts page.

Upgrade to Zuora Quotes 8.2

Follow the required steps to upgrade Zuora Quotes to Version 8.2. 

Add a New Picklist Value to Quote Amendment Type Field

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > Quote Amendment.
  2. In the Custom Fields & Relationships section, click Type
  3. In the Values section, click New.
  4. On the Add Picklist Values page, type Original.
  5. Click Save.

Add Custom Fields to the White List Field Set

Starting in Version 8.2, Zuora Quotes tracks the custom fields in the following ways:

  • Tracks the standard fields and the custom fields included in the field sets of the managed package. 

  • Other custom fields included in the white list field set specified the whitelist field set name in Quote Configuration Settings.

If there are any customizations that use global methods to refer to Zuora Quotes custom fields, add those custom fields to the white list field set.

If there are any customizations that use global methods to refer to Zuora Quotes custom fields, review the customization to determine whether code changes are required before upgrading to this version.

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