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Enable Bundling in Zuora Quotes

This article contains the steps to enable the Bundling functionality in Zuora Quotes.

Before you turn on bundling, review the following points to confirm that you want to proceed:

  • You must master your product catalog in Salesforce.
  • Bundling is not fully supported in Zuora Billing, as such the bundle relationships are not currently available in Zuora once a Quote is submitted.

To use the new Bundling features:

  1. Perform a Product Catalog Sync from Zuora to Salesforce.
  2. Once you successfully sync your Product Catalog from Zuora to Salesforce, contact Zuora Global Support to enable the tenant-level permission for Bundling.
  3. Once the Enable Bundling setting is synchronized between Zuora and Zuora Quotes, you see the setting automatically selected in Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings in the Zuora Config tab.
    See below if you want to manually synchronize the setting.
  4. Navigate to the Zuora Config tab.
  5. In Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings, make sure the Enable Guided Product Selector setting is selected.
  6. In Quote Wizard Settings, click Edit to update the Quote Wizard Configuration for each subscription type as below. 
    Subscription Type Step # Visualforce Page to be Assigned
    New Subscription 1 zqu__quoteEnhancement
      2 zqu__CreateQuote
      3 zqu__EditQuoteProducts
    Amend Subscription 1 zqu__quoteEnhancement
      2 zqu__CreateQuote
      3 aqu__EditQuoteProducts
    Renew Subscription 1 zqu__quoteEnhancement
      2 zqu__CreateQuote
      3 zqu__EditQuoteProducts
    Cancel Subscription 1 zqu__quoteEnhancement
      2 zqu__ZQCancellation
    Edit Subscription 1 zqu__quoteEnhancement
      2 zqu_CreateQuote
    Edit Amendment 1 zqu_CreateQuote
    Edit Renewal 1 zqu_CreateQuote
  7. Click Save to save your changes to each subscription type.
  8. Assign the version 8 of the quote page layouts, e.g. Quote Layout - Default V.8.0, to user profiles.
    1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > Quote.
    2. In the Page Layouts section, click Page Layout Assignment.
    3. Click Edit Assignment.
    4. On the Edit Page Layout Assignment page, click the record type to be assigned.
    5. With the profile and the record type highlighted, click the Page Layout To Use field, and select Quote Layout V8.0 of each record type as shown below.
      Record Type Page Layout to Use
      Master Quote Layout - Default V8.0
      Amendment Quote Layout - Amendment v8.0
      Amendment ReadOnly Quote Layout - Amendment Read-Only v8.0
      Default Quote Layout - Default V8.0
      ReadOnly Quote Layout - Read Only v8.0
      Renewal Quote Layout - Renewal V8.0
      Renewal ReadOnly Quote Layout - Renewal Read-Only V8.0
    6. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 for each record type.
    7. Click Save.
  9. Update the Product Feature object page layout.
    1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > Product Feature.
    2. In the Page Layouts section, click Edit for ZProductFeature Layout.
    3. Drag and drop the following fields to the Product Feature Detail section:
      • Product Feature Name
      • Full Name: Update the field property to select Required.
      • Zuora Id: Update the field property to clear the Required field and select the Read-Only field.
      • Feature
      • Owner 
      • Product
    4. Click Save.

Manually Enable the Bundling Setting

To use the new Bundling and Rules Engine, the Enable Bundling setting must be turned on in Zuora Quotes. The setting is automatically enabled at 0:00AM on the following day after the corresponding Zuora setting is enabled in your Zuora tenant.

If you want to immediately update the Enable Bundling setting before the next schedule permission check happens, run the following to force a permission check:

  1. In Salesforce, open Developer Console.
  2. Navigate to Debug > Open Execute Anonymous Window.
  3. In the Enter Apex Code window, type:


  4. Click Execute.
  5. In Zuora Quotes, verify that the Enable Bundling setting is correctly updated in Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings in the Zuora Config tab.

Your Salesforce org and your Zuora tenant must both be pointing to each other. The refreshCpqPermissions operation will fail, scheduled or manual, if the Salesforce Credentials configured in your Zuora tenant do not point to the Salesforce org you are using.

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