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Display Billing Period Type Fields in Product Selector

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If you want to allow your quoting users to change the billing period type at the quote charge level, add the relevant fields to the Product Selector page layout as described in this article.

See Create Product Rate Plan Charges for a description of the fields.

To add the fields that control billing frequency and the details:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Quote Rate Plan Charge.
  2. In the Field Sets section, click Edit for the Display Charge Fields field set.
  3. Drag and drop the following fields to the In the Field Set list:
    • Bill Cycle Day
    • Bill Cycle Type
    • Billing Period Alignment
    • List Price Base
    • Weekly Billing Cycle Day
  4. Click Save. Now the above fields will appear in the Product Selector, and your quoting users will be able to override the values at the charge level.

Weekly billing option is available in the version 7.43 and later of Zuora Quotes. 

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