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Select Bundles and Products in Enhanced Product Selector

Guided Selling enables a contextualized, configurable experience to enable sales reps to sell the right product at the right moment. Integrated with the product catalog in Salesforce, the out-of-the-box Enhanced Product Selector leads your quoting users through the product selection process to add bundles, products, and product rate plans to quotes.

The default Enhanced Product Selector contains the first step to add base products, followed by the second step to add optional add-on products.

You can customize or override the default flows and steps with a custom Guided Selling plugin. You can also conditionally hide the out-of-the-box Guided Selling Flow in Guided Product Selector. See Guided Product Selectors for configuring Guided Selling Flows and Steps.

By default, the Enhanced Product Selector displays up to 30 products per quote, including existing products previously added to the quote or to the subscription being amended. See Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings if you want to customize this setting to display more or fewer products in the Guided Selectors.

The Enhanced Product Selector requires that you enable the Guided Product Selector setting.

Add Products to a Quote

To add products to a quote in the Enhanced Product Selector:

  1. In the default flow of the Quote Wizard, the Edit Products and Charges page opens when you click Next from the Provide Quote, Account and Subscription Term Details page.
    Alternatively, click Edit Products on the Quote Detail page. 
    Once the account and quote details are filled in for a quote, you can use the numbered progress component at the top of the page to navigate among quote flow steps.
  2. A quote flow bar appears. 
  3. Click Select next to the flow you want to follow. For example, for a New Subscription quote, click Select for the New Quote Flow.
  4. Click Add Base Products. A list of products displays.
    In this step, only the products whose Category field is set to "Base Products" or "Miscellaneous Products" appear.
    You can search product names to narrow down the product selection list.
    1. Click Select Plan to add a product to the quote.
    2. Click + Select for the rate plan you want to add to the quote. 
    3. Configure bundles.
      1. If you are adding a bundle product, click Configure to select the components and the rate plans.
      2. Click Done to add the selected components.
    4. Click Next.
  5. In the Add Add On Products step, only the products whose Category field is set to "Add On Services" appear.
    You can search product names and rate plan names to narrow down the product rate plan list.
    1. Click Select Plan for the product you want to add to the quote.
    2. Click + Select for the rate plan you want to add to the quote. You can toggle the selection.
    3. Click Next.
  6. On the Choose Product and Charges page, the shaded pricing fields are editable.
  7. Click + EXPAND ALL to expand all the bundle products and show the components in the bundle products. + EXPAND ALL does not expand standalone products that do not contain any component.
  8. To add more products, click + Add Products and select a flow.
  9. Click Submit to save your selection.

Manage Custom Fields in Enhanced Product Selector

If custom fields were added to the display field sets, those custom fields will appear in Enhanced Product Selector for your quoting users to view and update the field values.

To manage custom fields in Enhanced Product Selector:

  1. At the Step #5 in the above section, or alternatively by clicking Edit Products on the Quote Detail page, open Enhanced Product Selector.
  2. Click the down arrow next to a rate plan name.
  3. Use the following links to view or update any custom field configured to be displayed:
    • For custom fields on the Quote Amendment object, click Edit Amendment. This link is available for the Amendment or Renewal types of quotes.
    • For custom fields on the Quote Rate Plan object, click Edit Rate Plan.
  4. Click Submit or Save.
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