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Zuora 360 Upgrade Paths

Upgrade Zuora 360 to the Latest Version

Zuora highly recommends upgrading to the most recent Zuora 360 version as is possible. 

To upgrade your Zuora 360 managed package to the latest version:

  1. Determine the currently installed package version.
  2. If the Zuora 360 version is earlier than 2.70, you must first upgrade to the Q4 2013 Titanium release, version 2.70 and then upgrade to the 2.x, 3.x, or 4.x version that you require.
  3. If the 360 version is 2.70 or later, upgrade directly to the 2.x, 3.x, 4.x version that you require.

Zuora 360 Upgrade Paths

Your Current Version Upgrade Path

Earlier than 2.70

  1. Upgrade to version 2.70
  2. Upgrade to any 2.80+ version:
2.70 or later

 Upgrade to any 2.8+ version:

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