Data Connect Object and Field Mapping

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Data Connect Object and Field Mapping

This feature is only available if you have the Data Connect feature enabled. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters. If you wish to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

This article lists the object and field level mapping between Zuora and Zuora 360 Sync that are supported by Data Connect. Once you enable syncs for new types of objects in Data Connect, their child objects that have a lookup to them will also be synced through Data Connect.

New Object Types Supported Only When Data Connect Enabled

The following are the new object types that are supported ONLY when you enable Data Connect feature. These Object types are not supported in legacy 360 Sync. Click an object name to see the field level mappings between the Zuora object and the corresponding Salesforce object.

Zuora Object Salesforce Object
Invoice Item Zuora__InvoiceItem__c
Taxation Item Zuora__TaxationItem__c
Credit Memo Zuora__CreditMemo__c
Credit Memo Item Zuora__CreditMemoItem__c
Credit Memo Part Zuora__CreditMemoPart__c
Debit Memo Zuora__DebitMemo__c
Debit Memo Item Zuora__DebitMemoItem__c
Payment Part Zuora__PaymentPart__c
Refund Part Zuora__RefundPart__c
Subscriptions History Zuora__SubscriptionHistory__c
Subscription Rate Plans History Zuora__SubscriptionRatePlanHistory__c
Subscription Product & Charges History Zuora__SubscriptionProductChargeHistory__c
Subscription Charge Tier History Zuora__SubscriptionChargeTierHistory__c

Object Types Upgraded by Data Connect

The following object types are supported by both Data Connect and Zuora 360 Sync. When Data Connect is enabled, the field level mappings are different from Zuora 360 Sync. Click an object name to see the field level mappings when Data Connect enabled. For the field mappings without Data Connect enabled, see Zuora 360 Sync Objects Mapping.

The sync of Invoice objects will automatically switch to the Data Connect sync mode once you enable Data Connect. For other object types with Data Connect enabled, the sync mode will remain unchanged unless you specifically submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

Zuora Object Salesforce Object


Invoice Payment Zuora__PaymentInvoice__c
Payment Zuora__Payment__c
Payment Method Zuora__PaymentMethod__c
Product Zuora__Product__c
Refund Zuora__Refund__c
Refund Invoice Payment Zuora__RefundInvoicePayment__c
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