Data Connect Object and Field Mapping

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Data Connect Object and Field Mapping

This feature is only available if you have the Data Connect feature enabled. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters. If you wish to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

This article lists the object and field level mapping in Data Connect between Zuora and Zuora 360. Click an object name to see the field level mappings between the Zuora object and the corresponding Salesforce object.

Zuora Object Salesforce Object
Invoice Zuora__ZInvoice__c
Invoice Item Zuora__InvoiceItem__c
Taxation Item Zuora__TaxationItem__c

Invoice : Zuora__ZInvoice__c

Zuora Object Zuora Field Salesforce Object Salesforce Field
Invoice Zuora__ZInvoice__c
  Amount   Zuora__TotalAmount__c
  Balance   Zuora__Balance2__c
  Comments   Zuora__Description__c
  CreatedDate   Zuora__GeneratedDate__c
  CreditBalanceAdjustmentAmount   Zuora__CreditBalanceAdjustmentAmount__c
  DueDate   Zuora__DueDate__c
  InvoiceDate   Zuora__GeneratedDate__c
  Id   Zuora__Zuora_Id__c
  Id   Zuora__External_Id__c (External ID)
  InvoiceDate   Zuora__InvoiceDate__c
  InvoiceNumber   Name
  PostedDate   Zuora__PostedDate__c
  Status   Zuora__Status__c
  TargetDate   Zuora__TargetDate__c

Invoice Item : Zuora__InvoiceItem__c

Zuora Object Zuora Field Salesforce Object Salesforce Field
Invoice Item Zuora__InvoiceItem__c
  AccountingCode   Zuora__AccountingCode__c
  AppliedToChargeNumber   Zuora__AppliedToChargeNumber__c
  AppliedToInvoiceItemId   Zuora__AppliedToInvoiceItem__c
  Id   Zuora__External_Id__c
  InvoiceId   Zuora__Invoice__c
  ProcessingType   Zuora__ProcessingType__c
  ProductName   Zuora__Product__r.Name
  ProductDescription   Zuora__ProductDescription__c
  ProductRatePlanChargeId   Zuora__ProductRatePlanChargeId__c
  Quantity   Zuora__Quantity__c
  RevRecCode   Zuora__RevRecCode__c


  RevRecTriggerCondition   Zuora__RevRecTriggerCondition__c
  ServiceEndDate   Zuora__ServiceEndDate__c
  ServiceStartDate   Zuora__ServiceStartDate__c
  SKU   Zuora__SKU__c
  SubscriptionId   Zuora__Subscription__c
  TaxAmount   Zuora__SubscriptionRatePlanCharge__c
  Tax Amount   Zuora__TaxAmount__c
  Tax Code   Zuora__TaxCode__c
  Tax Exempt Amount   Zuora__TaxExemptAmount__c
  Tax Mode   Zuora__TaxMode__c
  UOM   Zuora__UOM__c
  Unit Price   Zuora__UnitPrice__c

Taxation Item : Zuora__TaxationItem__c

Zuora Object Zuora Field Salesforce Object Salesforce Field
Taxation Item Zuora__TaxationItem__c
  AccountingCode   Zuora__AccountingCode__c
  CreatedById   Zuora__CreatedById__c
  CreatedDate   Zuora__CreatedDate__c
  ExemptAmount   Zuora__ExemptAmount__c
  Id   Zuora__External_Id__c
  InvoiceItemId   Zuora__Invoice_Item__c
  Jurisdiction   Zuora__Jurisdiction__c
  LocationCode   Zuora__LocationCode__c
  TaxAmount   Zuora__TaxAmount__c
  TaxCode   Zuora__TaxCode__c
  TaxCodeDescription   Zuora__TaxCodeDescription__c
  TaxDate   Zuora__TaxDate__c
  TaxRate   Zuora__TaxRate__c
  TaxRateDescription   Zuora__TaxRateDescription__c
  TaxRateType   Zuora__TaxRateType__c
  UpdatedById   Zuora__UpdatedById__c
  UpdatedDate   Zuora__UpdatedDate__c
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