SubmitContractOrder Class

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SubmitContractOrder Class

This functionality is only available if you have the Orders feature enabled.

This article describes the SubmitContractOrder plugin and the related classes. Using the SubmitContractOrder plugin, you can:

  • translate a Contract to an Order for submission to Zuora.
  • customize the translation for your own.

See SubmitContractOrder Plugin for:

  • Workflow of sending a Contract to Zuora as an Order.
  • Limits of the SubmitContractOrder plugin.

SubmitContractOrder.Plugin Interface

The SubmitContractOrder.Plugi interface includes the following global methods.

Method Type Description

getOrderRequestInfo(SubmitContractOrder.Input submitContractOrderInput)

SubmitContractOrder.Result Derives an Order Request from a Contract. This method must be implemented by custom code.

SubmitContractOrder.Input Class

The SubmitContractOrder.Input class includes the following global properties. 

Property Type Description
contractId Id The Salesforce ID of the Contract to be translated into an Order.

SubmitContractOrder.Result Class

The SubmitContractOrder.Result class includes the following global properties. 

Property Type Description
requestBody String The body of the Order Request that will be sent to Zuora.
entityId String

The Zuora ID of the Billing Entity that the Order request will be sent to when Multi-Entity is enabled for your Zuora Tenant.

Optional. The default entity will be used if it is not set.


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