zSchema Class

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zSchema Class


This article describes the zSchema class that encapsulates the schema cached in Salesforce. The schema objects are stored as Protected Custom Settings.

zSchema Methods

The zSchema class includes the following methods.

Method Signature Description
zSchema () Constructs the zSchema class
static Map<String, Map<String, zFieldDescription>> getAllzFieldDescription () Returns all the zFields cached in zSchema in Salesforce.
static Map<String, zObjectDescription> getAllzObjectDescription () Returns all the zObjects cached in zSchema in Salesforce.
static Boolean isSupportedzType (String zType) Checks if this zType object is an Order Builder supported zObject according to the uploaded WSDL.

zSchema Classes

The zSchema class includes the zFieldDescription and zObjectDescription classes.

zFieldDescription Class

The zFieldDescription class is constructed by zFieldDescription(). The class includes the following properties.

Properties Type
FieldType String
isArray Boolean
isNullable Boolean
isZuoraCustomField Boolean
zApiVersion Double
zFieldName String
zObjectName String
zObjectTypeName String

zObjectDescription Class

The zObjectDescription class is constructed by zObjectDescription(). The class includes the following properties.

Properties Type
ExtensionObject String
isSimpleType Boolean
Namespace String
zObjectName String
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