Using Barcodes on Invoice Templates

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Using Barcodes on Invoice Templates

Barcode Merge Fields on Invoice Templates

In order to have a barcode on your invoice, you need to use a barcode merge field in your template. Currently, Zuora supports up to five barcode merge fields per invoice template.

Use the following format for your barcode merge field:

{MERGEFIELD “Image:{BarCode field}, Value:[{Value}], CodeTextPosition:{CodeTextPosition}” \* MERGEFORMAT}

Parameter Possible Values
BarCode field
  • BarCode.Code128
  • BarCode.AustraliaPost

This can contain a string, a Customer Account or Invoice custom field, or a merge field from:


This is an optional field that defines the text position of the barcode:

  • Below (default)
  • Above
  • None 


The following example will return a barcode of the bill to contact's postal code:

{MERGEFIELD “Image:BarCode.Code128, Value:[{MERGEFIELD BillToContact.PostalCode \* MERGEFORMAT}]” \* MERGEFORMAT}

Example Invoice Template:


 Returned Example Invoice:


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