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How do I remove the Zuora logo from my invoice template?

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By default, the "Powered by Zuora" logo appears in the footer of all invoice templates. Some customers choose to display the "Powered by Zuora" logo on their invoices to indicate that they are using the Zuora billing and payments platform, which is secure and PCI compliant. Zuora takes security seriously and is PCI, SAS70, and Safe Harbor Compliant. Zuora appears on the VISA list as well as the MasterCard list as an approved provider.


Submit a request at Zuora Global Support to enable this feature or service.

Request to have the logo removed or restored to all Invoice Templates.  This change affects all Invoice Templates at once and cannot be selectively applied.The removal or addition of the Zuora logo will only apply to future invoices generated since the change.

Sample invoice with the logo displayed on the footer:


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