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Reviewing and Posting Bill Runs

Review and Post Bill Runs

Once a bill run is completed, all invoices for the bill run have been generated and the bill run will have the completed status. The Completed status does not mean that the invoices for the bill run have been posted. When you post a bill run, it also posts all invoices generated for that bill run.  

When your invoices are considered final, you can post them all at once by posting a bill run, as long as your invoices are all part of a single bill run. Posting a bill run makes it possible to collect payments for the invoices in that bill run. Prior to posting your invoices for a bill run, the bill run itself must be in complete status.

Post a Bill Run

To post a bill run:

  1. Find the completed bill run that you want to post, located under Billing.
  2. Select the bill run and make sure the bill run has the correct accounts that you want to post invoices for.
  3. Click Post, located in the upper-right corner.

Note that if all of the invoices within the bill run have already been posted, clicking Post will not affect the invoices (they will not be posted again). However, if the bill run contains draft invoices, those invoices will be posted. 

Bill Run Notifications

Email Notifications

When a bill run is completed, or if it cannot be executed due to an error, an email notification from is sent to the user who initiated or scheduled the bill run. The status of the bill run will be completed or error.

The user who is executing an ad hoc bill run will receive a notification. If you would like to change who receives the email notifications for a scheduled bill run, the bill run needs to be scheduled by that user.

User Interface Error Notification

All Bill Runs - List View

After a bill run has finished, go to Billing Operations > Bill Runs to check the status of the bill run. An alert icon is also displayed in the list view, next to the completed status of any bill run which produced errors.


All Bill Runs - Expanded View

Additionally, an alert icon is also displayed in the expanded view, next to the completed status of any bill run which produced errors.


Bill Run Detail View

You can also click on the name of completed bill run that contains errors, where you will see a third tab called Failed Accounts or Subscriptions, at the bottom of the page, to the right of the Generated Invoices and Selected Customer Accounts tabs. This tab is not visible if no failures have occurred in the bill run.

The Failed Accounts or Subscriptions tab displays a list of the accounts that produced errors, and the individual subscriptions of those accounts in which the billing run error occurred. This helps you to check whether all invoices have been generated or not, and ensures that you don't miss out on any revenue that is due.



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