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Customize Checkout Pages

Zuora Hosted Checkout Pages are no longer under active development. Customers should use Payment Pages 2.0 for their secure payment acceptance requirements.


After setting up the Checkout pages for your site, you can use additional features to customize how you use Checkout pages. 

Pre-Populate Data into the iFrame

You can pre-populate the input or hidden fields on a hosted page with the values that are passed in as parameters. To pre-populate a field, append the parameter to the URL in the format field_[Field Name].

For example, to select Visa by default: field_creditCardType=Visa

You use this method to pre-populate any field with values. A full list of the of the input fields can be found in Checkout page fields.

Pass Information to the Callback Page

You can pre-load a hosted page with up to five passthrough parameters. The parameters will be appended in the callback. This is useful for merchants who would like to have specific pieces of information returned to the callback path, e.g. internal confirmation numbers, version test codes, etc. The passthrough parameters are:

  • field_passthrough1
  • field_passthrough2
  • field_passthrough3
  • field_passthrough4
  • field_passthrough5

The passed in fields are sent back to the callback URL using the same name.

For example, for a request like the following:​&field_passthrough1=Capture&field_passthrough2=Step2

The callback would look like the following:

Override Accepted Credit Card Type List

The credit cards logos shown on your Checkout pages are configured when you set up your payment gateway in the Zuora application. However, the merchant has the ability to dynamically overwrite the credit card "Accepted Types" configuration by passing in a comma-separated value into the hosted page. If a value has been passed in, the configuration will be ignored. If a value has not been passed in, the configured values will be shown on the iFrame.

For example, if your gateway is configured to accept Visa, MasterCard, and Amex but you want to only show Visa and Mastercard on your iFrame, you can pass in the following to the iFrame URL:


Send Gateway Options

Gateway Options is a feature that allows merchants to pass additional parameters to the payment gateway that currently are not supported by the Checkout pages. This is particularly useful for merchants who want to do customized reporting with payment gateways that support the Gateway Options feature, such as CyberSource and Verifi.  

The merchant has the option to submit information to the payment gateway associated with the hosted page. The hosted page can take key/value pairs to be sent as part of the gateway options when the payment method is created. Use the format param_gwOptions_[Key]=[Value] to append the key/value pairs.

For example, if you wanted to pass in the IP address option: 

globalIPaddress = someaddress123

Then you owuld append the following to the iFrame URL:


The URL with the above Gateway Option would be:

The Gateway Options feature is not supported by all gateways integrated with Zuora.

The following gateways support Gateway Options:

  • CyberSource
  • CyberSource Token
  • Merchant e-Solutions
  • Orbital
  • PayPal Adaptive Payments
  • QuickGateway
  • Verifi

The following gateways do not support Gateway Options:

  • PayPal Payflow Pro
  • Ingenico ePayments
  • Litle
  • Moneris
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