Troubleshoot Checkout Pages

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Troubleshoot Checkout Pages

Zuora Hosted Checkout Pages are no longer under active development. Customers should use Payment Pages 2.0 for their secure payment acceptance requirements.


This section provides troubleshooting information for hosted Checkout pages.

Known issues

  • "USD" shows up as the currency label for the Total Due Today line of the Checkout pages iFrame regardless of the configured currency. The amounts are calculated correctly according to the proper currency, and this issue is only in regards to the UI for the Total Due Today line of the iFrame. 
  • Quantity field displays two decimal points regardless of the decimal points specified in the Unit of measure (UOM). 

Cannot Submit the Checkout iFrame for a Successful Transaction

If you can embed the iFrame but cannot successfully create a new subscription, investigate the following:

  • Can you successfully create a new subscription in the Zuora application? Verify that you can create a subscription for the same rate plan for which you created the Checkout page.
  • Is the payment gateway configured properly in Zuora? Verify that a payment method can be created in Zuora with the specified payment gateway without errors.
  • Can you create a test Checkout page using the provided sample code? If you are able to create a successful transaction with the sample code, then your original issue may have to do with your callback page.
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