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Download Transaction Details


This article explains how to download transaction details of a summary journal entry.

Invoice Adjustment transaction is deprecated on Production.


Download Transaction Details

You can download transaction details from the journal entry page or the journal run page. The download link appears when the journal entry status is "Created".

If more are than 1,000 transactions in a journal entry, the download processes the transactions asynchronously and downloads on completion. For journal entry with less the 1,000 transactions, the download occurs in real-time.

Download from the Journal Run Page

Navigation: Finance > Accounting Periods and select the Journal Run  tab. Click the journal run number to access the journal run page. Click [download] from a journal entry. 

Download Transaction Details from a Journal Run View

Download from an Accounting Period

Navigation: Finance > Accounting Periods and select the Accounting Periods tab and select an accounting period. Select the Summary Journal Entries tab. Click [download] from journal entry. 

Download from Summary Journal Entries tab on Accounting Period or Journal Entry View

Export CSV File Naming Convention

JEExport_[Accounting Period Name]_[Transaction Type Included]_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.csv

For example, JEExport_Apr14_Revenue-Event-Item_20140731141750.csv represents a journal entry export for the April 2014 accounting period that includes transactions for revenue event items. The CSV file was created on July 31, 2014 at 14:17:50 (military time).

Transaction Details Export

The following is an excerpt from an exported transaction details CSV file of invoice items for the August 2013 accounting period.

Example of Downloaded Transaction Detail

Download Sort Order

Transactions are downloaded in the order listed.

All Transactions, except for Revenue
  • Account Name
  • Transaction Date
  • Transaction Type
  • Transaction Subtype
  • Transaction Number
Revenue Event Item Transactions
  • Account Name
  • Revenue Schedule Date
  • Transaction Type
  • Transaction Subtype
  • Revenue Schedule Number

Transaction Detail Columns

Transaction Subtypes

Transaction subtypes further qualify transactions. Transaction types for billing, cash, and credit balance transactions have a set of transaction subtypes. For example, an invoice transaction can be a charge, discount, prepayment, or tax.

Transaction Type Transaction Subtype


  • Charge
  • Discount
  • Prepayment
  • Tax

Invoice Item Adjustment

  • Credit
  • Charge

Invoice Item Adjustment Tax

  • Credit
  • Charge

Invoice Adjustment 

  • Credit
  • Charge


  • Electronic
  • External


  • Electronic
  • External

Credit Balance Refund (electronic or external)

  • Decrease

Credit Balance Payment (electronic or external)

  • Increase

Credit Balance (applied to invoice)

  • Decrease

Credit Balance (transferred from invoice)

  • Increase

Revenue Item


See the table the end of this article for more information.


Associated Transaction Types

Certain transaction types, such as invoice item adjustments or refunds, have a one-to-one relationship with another transaction type. The following table show how certain transaction types map to an associated transaction type.

Each associated transaction type has a corresponding associated transaction subtype. These subtypes are the same as those documented in the previous Transaction Subtypes table. For example, the associated transaction subtypes for Invoice Item Adjustment are Credit and Charge.

Transaction Type Associated Transaction Type
Invoice Invoice Item Invoice Payment Payment Refund Taxation Item
Credit Balance (applied to invoice) File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png          
Credit Balance (transferred From invoice) File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png          
Credit Balance (electronic payment)       File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png    
Credit Balance (external payment)       File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png    
Credit Balance (electronic refund)         File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  
Credit Balance (external refund)         File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  
Invoice Adjustment File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png          
Invoice Item Adjustment   File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png        
Invoice Item Adjustment (tax)         File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png  
Payment (electronic) File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png          
Payment (external) File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png          
Refund (electronic)     File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png      
Refund (external)     File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png      
Tax   File:Z_Media/checkmarkGreen_xsm.png        



Transaction Details for Revenue Event Items

The set of data exported for a revenue event item differs from all other transaction exports. Key differences include:

Column Revenue Event Item
Transaction Type The transaction that created the revenue event item.
Transaction Subtype The transaction subtype of the transaction that create the revenue event item.

The Revenue event item download includes data related to revenue schedules and additional revenue event details. 

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